Theory: Halloween is the one day of the year we don't wear a costume, & we are who we really want to be 🖖

We know you've all been dying for some more Halloween costume inspo, so we're bringing you a classic costume with a twist! This costume doesn't require many pieces, so it's super easy to put together! We give you, the Chic Space Babe you've always wanted to be! Celebrity MUA Allison Pynn really out-did herself this time! Want to learn more about how she achieved this alien glam and celestial hairstyle? Read on, earthlings! 👽

The Makeup

You'll definitely be needing some glitter for this look, I'll just tell you right now! We used two types, a smaller, finer glitter, and thicker, rounder kind! More on how we used those later. As always, we'll start by priming the eyes with some concealer and translucent powder. Once the eyes are set, we went in with a champagne eye shimmer all over the lid and through the brows. We thought brushing the brows upwards gave the look a more modern, out of this world feel. Now it's time to bring that pop of blue that brings this look to life! We took a small tapered brush and swiped some blue shadow under the lower lash line. Make sure you bring it out a little farther than the end of your eye to give it a cat eye type look. It'll make your eyes look bigger and more almond shaped!

Taking that same blue shadow, take a spoolie brush and dip it in the shadow, then brush upwards on your brows to get a subtle brushed blue tint to your brows! How cool is this idea? Killed it, Allison!! After you're done with both brows, we smoked out the shimmery eye with some brownish-brick colored shadow to add some depth to the eyes. The we outlined our wing with dark brown shadow and blended that upwards into the smokey eye. Apply some falsies and blend them into your natural lashes with some mascara to complete this dramatic eye look!

For this next step, you'll want to apply your foundation and concealer carefully so you don't smear the under-eye shadow we just applied. We recommend using a brush so you have more control. Set your t-zone with nude or translucent powder, leaving your cheekbones and temples untouched (we'll need them to be sticky for later!)

Now to bring the shimmer and shine! We used a creme highlighter on the cheekbones and high points of the face to act as a base for our glitter we'll be adding later! Brush it on to get the right amount of product on and then blend it with your fingers. I LOVE blending in creme highlight with my fingers because I feel like it really melts it into my skin and makes it look like I'm glowing from within. Next, you'll want to dip the tips of your fingers into the fine glitter and applying that where you put your creme highlight. This finer glitter will contrast really well with the thicker particles we're adding next!

Don't be afraid to add some setting spray to your cheekbones and temples to get the bigger glitter to stay! We applied it with our fingers for more precision, yet a more scattered and natural feel. Next, my favorite part! We found these opal looking textured stickers at a craft store and thought they were perfect for this look. Stick them on above your eyebrows to bring this celestial look together!

And that's it for makeup for now! We'll come back to the lips in the end.

The Hair

This hair look might take you 5 minutes or less, it's that easy! We started by parting our models hair down the middle and brushing it up into two slick space buns! You can secure these bad boys down with some pins, and spray the stray hairs down to give your hair a more slick, modern feel!

Now for more glitter fun! Take some extra hold hairspray and spray your middle part. Now depending on the brand of glitter you bought, you might be able to pour it directly from the bottle onto your hair while the hairspray is still sticky! If you're afraid of pouring the whole jar of glitter onto your head, you can always put some in your palm and sprinkle it on that way. It's easy to add, but really hard to take extra away! You'll want to take that extra hold hairspray again and spray the glitter down so you're not trailing glitter behind you all night!

And there you have it! Now we're just down to the last little details! We used a tapered brush and that same blue shadow we used for under our eyes and in our brows and created a blue ombre lip on top of some pinky-blush colored lipstick! You'll want to blend it from the center of your lips outwards towards the edges, so you don't look like you have frost-bite! Add some additional glitter to your space buns if you want and the look is complete!

We loved how this blue tinted alien turned out and are sure you'll all be able to pull of this chic yet spooky look!

The Costume

The pièce de résistance! We fell in love this this silver jumpsuit as soon as we saw it! The zip front detailing allows you to zip it up as high as you want depending on what look you're going for! You can get the jumpsuit here! We paired the jumpsuit with a blue metallic belt we had lying around and our favorite white moon boots! Can you say Zenon Z 3?!

We're loving how this look turned out! Make sure if you recreate it to tag us in your photos and use #PricelessHalloween so we can see! Need some IG post pose inspo? We've got you covered on that too 😉

Want a visual on how we complete this whole look? Watch Allison Pynn work her makeup/hair magic below!


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Piper Shae