Although the cat eye is one of, if not the most, glamorous makeup looks out there, its winged out style can cause it to look a little too dramatic for daytime. Fortunately, there’s several ways you can get away with wearing it while the sun is still shining! Follow along below so you can master the everyday cat eye look!

1. Begin this look by applying a color corrector in a “V” shape under the eyes to cancel out any redness. This will not only brighten your eyes but draw attention to them as well!

2. Next, get those brows on fleek! Fill in any sparseness with a powder or pencil in a shade that compliments your skin tone and hair color. Quick tip: If you’re blonde go a shade darker than your hair color and a shade lighter if you’re a brunette!

3. Start off by covering the entire eyelid with a nude base. Think MAC’s Painterly pot. It also gives your eyeshadows something to stick to so they stay all day!

4. Next, add a neutral golden shade all over the eyelid using a eyeshadow blending brush. Make sure to highlight the inner crease of the eye as well to make your eyes pop!

5. Now you can move on to a more drastic color, but still in a neutral shade. Such as a light to medium brown. Using a blending brush, extend the shade slightly past the eyelid crease onto the brow bone for just a touch of drama.

6. Keeping with the softer daytime look, use wet angled brush dipped in the same shade you just used on your lid to line the bottom lid, following the lash line.

7. Do the same thing on the upper eyelid, following the lash line and slightly winging it up and out at the outer tip.

8. Trace the line you just created on the upper lid with a dark brown eyeliner pencil to make it look crisp and clean.

9. Curl lashes and apply a couple coats of dark brown mascara to your lashes.

10. Add a set of natural-looking falsies and you’re ready to go!

Justine Searle


This is perfect for a well on-point tutorial on this look. I will definitely follow your tips at home. It’s simply gorgeous and I really love the way you teach. Thanks!

— selena