I'm not the girl that curls her hair every single day. In fact, I'm the queen of messy top-knots and buns! But this wavy hair tutorial is not only incredibly quick and simple, but wearable enough that you could style it this way on the daily! Follow along with this four step process below and try out these wavy curls for the upcoming holidays (Can you believe Thanksgiving is less than a week away?) or for a laid back everyday look! Make sure to tag us in your photo on social media so we can see how it turned out!

Dress: Lenora Dress in Black

Products Used:

NuMe Curling Wand
Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray
Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray
Alterna 'Caviar Anti-Aging' Perfect Texture Finishing Spray


Step 1: 

Prep hair with Surf Spray by Bumble and Bumble. The Surf Spray infusion has oils in it to keep the hair shiny and gritty. You can either blow dry it in with a round brush or rough dry it in. Clip up sections of your hair depending on length and thickness. 

Step 2: 

Starting with the bottom portion, take a one inch section of hair and hold it out horizontally to get a lift at the base. Proceed to wrap the section of hair around a one inch Nume curling wand starting from the root to the tip. The key to getting this type of messy wavy curl is leaving out an inch of hair on the ends and alternating the curling direction. If you start with the direction of the curl going away from the face, then the next strand should be curled toward your face and vice versa. 

Step 3:

Before you unclip your hair and move on to the next portion, spray Caviar Texturizing Spray onto strands. Then using a teasing brush, lightly tease strands at the base. 

Step 4:

Once you've finished curling all the sections, make sure to run your fingers through the curls to make the curls less uniform. And now you've got beachy waves fit for a mermaid that are perfect for every occasion!

Dress: Lenora Dress in Black

Justine Searle


Love this look, i’m going to try this out tomorrow for work!

— Amber