We're so excited to finally get our hands on a few shades from Kylie Jenner's Lip Kit, Koko K and Posie K! I mean, they sold out in mere minutes after all! So we decided it would be fun to try them on a few of the girls here at Shop Priceless to show how the shade looks on different skin tones. 

We started with the Koko K Matte Liquid Lipstick and then followed up with Posie K. I made sure to line my lips fully with their matching liners first, ever so slightly over-lining my lips in the process. And it only seemed right, since Kylie is known for her plump pout and drawing outside the lines to enhance their appearance! Lining first is the most important step, because it gives the liquid lipstick a base to adhere to as well as making the color go on fluidly and keeping the shade consistent. I've tried other matte lipsticks before from NYX, ColourPop and MAC, and I'd say the quality of this kit is right up there with MAC's lipsticks and liners. Kylie's kit also smells delicious, which is a big reason I adore MAC's so much! Their vanilla scented lipsticks remind me of baked goods! Mmm. Once they dried, they formed a matte look that lasted all day and didn't smear. Success! 

One thing the girls and I kept saying is how amazed we were by how different the colors looked on each skin tone. We concluded that Koko K looks more pastel against darker complexions and Posie K shows up more berry-toned with lighter complexions!

Are you excited for Kylie's new shades to drop this week? Yep, that's right, she revealed on her @kyliecosmetics Instagram account that the new shades will be here in less than a week! So you will find me glued to my computer stalking her site and refreshing the page at midnight. And make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date on our latest videos!


Justine Searle