For today's Mani Monday, we wanted to do something extra special for our blog readers! So, we teamed up with the extremely talented Sonia, of @badgirlnails, to bring you this tropical manicure, inspired by our very own Mika Tropical Crop Top & Short Set! See how to get the design by following along with the step-by-step process via photo and video tutorial she created for us below! 

Materials Used:

White Polish: "Pore Love" by @ellamilapolish

Gray Polish: "Mineral" by @shoplvx

Black Polish: "Oil Slick" by @salonperfect

Pink Polish: "Maliboob Job" by @flossgloss

Orange Polish: "Bikini Coral" by @flossgloss

Matte Topcoat: by @ellamilapolish

Detail Brush: #000



1. Start with a white base.


2. Using a thin detail brush, create an abstract tropical leaf with light strokes in a medium grey tone. It should resemble the branch of a palm tree.

3. Add a few strokes of black to create a shadow. This adds dimension to your design.

4. Create a few pink petals. Don't worry about making them perfect! Texture and different shapes add to the design.


5. Add touches of a darker shade of pink to create depth. Then highlight the tips of each petal with a lighter shade.

6. Add vibrant orange to the center of each flower.

7. Fill any empty spaces with extra leaves or petals. Be creative and remember to define each one with lighter and darker shades.

8. Lastly, create the stamen of each flower with black polish and your detail brush. All you need is a few tiny lines and dots.

9. Once your design is dry, seal it with your favorite matte topcoat for a fresh, edgy finish.

Would you rock this nail design? We definitely would! And we'd pair it with our Mika Tropical Crop Top & Short Set! Because when you love something, you can never have too much of it, right?


Justine Searle