Hocus pocus, starts the curse
Make it rhyme, another verse
Charming potions and jinxes wind
Cast a spell and let it bind
Scares abound
Creeps come 'round
when Fright Night looms near
Hold those you love dear
as you scream in fear
on this night
of All Hallow's Eve
Justine Searle

Spooky poems and creepy masks aside, one of the best ways to get into the "spirit" of Halloween is to hunker down and watch a few terror-inducing horror movies! Not your cup of brew? Well, if you're averse to spine-chilling thrillers, then look no further! I've composed a concoction of films with the "faint" of heart in mind. In fact, the only thing sinister about this list is that contains a witch of some sort. If you start the list tonight and you'll have a new movie to watch each night until Halloween! Scroll down to see what eight movies I've crafted up.

1. Teen Witch - 1989

Top that! Probably the cheesiest '80s movie of all time. But a must-see nonetheless! Trivia time: Did you know the main character, Robin Lively, is Blake Lively's sister?


2. The Witching of Ben Wagner - 1990


Another oldie but goodie. I used to pop this in the VHS and wish I could rock mismatched earrings as well as Regina!


3. Double, Double, Toil and Trouble - 1993

A classic Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movie! The only part I can recollect was when the witch used a tiny mascara wand to coat her entire head of long gray hair black. If that isn't sorcery, I don't know what is!


4. Hocus Pocus - 1993

There's a backstory to this one. My sisters and I used to fight over who got to be Sara Jessica Parker, since she was the "pretty" witch. And my mom would get creeped out when we would sing "Come Little Children" while playing. The melody is definitely eerie sounding! But this movie was basically my childhood. So do yourself a favor and watch it if you haven't already!


5. The Craft - 1996

This does have a few slightly disturbing scenes, but in comparison with The Blair Witch project, it's practically harmless.


6. The Crucible - 1996

Your teacher probably forced you to watch this in high school after you finished reading the book. But if you were anything like me, you enjoyed it. Well done, Wynona Ryder!


7. Sabrina The Teenage Witch - 1996

I already talked about my love for Melissa-Joan Hart in this post. But how could you not idealize someone who could change their entire look with a snap of a finger?


8. Practical Magic - 1998

The relationship and gorgeous long locks shared between these two sisters make this film all the more bewitching! I adored Sandra Bullock even more after seeing this, if that's even humanly possible.


Which witch-themed movie is your favorite? Are there any you haven't seen? Are there any that I missed? Let me know in the comments!



Justine Searle