Shop Priceless Giveaway - Happy Holidays! :)

Alex, Creative Director

Posted on 09 December 2014

How to Enter:

1. Follow us on Twitter!

2. Retweet this tweet:

3. Then tweet a separate tweet with the hashtag #ShopPricelessGiveaway

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Giveaway Details: 

When does it end? 

This giveaway ends 12/14 at midnight PST!

How many winners?

There will only be one winner. 

When will the winner be announced?

The winner will be chosen 12/15. We will announce the winner the morning of 12/15 on our blog. 

How many times can I enter?

You can tweet #ShopPricelessGiveaway as much as you want! One account still only equals one entry though!

Is this an international giveaway?

Yes, all countries can enter. 

Can I only enter through Twitter?

Yes, you need to enter through Twitter to qualify. BUT, you can gain an extra entry and increase your chances of being selected by subscribing to our Youtube Channel here:

How is the winner chosen?

The winner is chosen at complete random. 

If we didn't answer your question, please leave a comment below.


Complete Prize List:

3 Scarves


 3 Cardigans


Kalila Sequin Pocket Top & Aria Fuzzy Sweater


Saphira Beanie


Clementine Booties + Raelynn Booties


2 Glam Necklaces


$50 iTunes Giftcard & $15 Starbucks Giftcard

1 Pair of Distressed Skinny Jeans

3 DRESSES from our site - YOUR choice!

2 DVD Movies:


Poppy Earrings 


Thigh High Socks - Ivory

The Fault in Our Stars Novel 


Amberly Leg Warmers in Forest Green & Black

Yankee Candle - Pumpkin Spice Scent

Crescent Moon Necklace

Leopard Wallet

Black Satchel/Purse

IGGY AZALEA - The New Classic Album

Temporary Hand Tattoos 



Good luck everyone! xoxo 




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  • Ashley Carter: December 12, 2015

    I can’t even explain how much I love your clothes if I win I would just die

  • Kayla M: December 15, 2014

    Can’t wait for results!!!! Hopefully I’ll win!(fingers crossed) I want it so bad

  • Alissa: December 15, 2014

    Im really looking for new winter clothing, and this giveaway has everything im looking for ( : hopefully ill win

  • vanessa: December 15, 2014

    Fingers crossed ~ everything is so beautiful

  • Jasmeen: December 15, 2014

    My parents don’t have a lot of money to get me clothes from urban outfitters or brandy me live or even to go to the mall all of my birthday money went towards this store if I win this giveaway it will put a big post in my clothing praying that luck it by my side

  • Jasmeen: December 15, 2014

    I really want to win I’m anxious to see the results I had my mom enter my sister enter and I entered myself I’m really nervous I talk abou this giveaway nonstop only thing that got me through this weekend hope I get this giveaway this will totally bring up my clothing

  • Alissa : December 13, 2014

    please pick me ive been trying sooo hard to win one of your giveaways, id make my christmas 1000000 times better (: twitter is @AlissaRubi

  • Yadell Nova: December 13, 2014

    Winning this would really make my entire year

  • Gabriela Sanchez: December 12, 2014

    this giveaway is incredibly amazing. Wow this could actually save me from Crazy weather in Chicago.
    Thank you for being so generous and knowing how to spoil a woman
    Subcribed on Email
    Like on FB Gabriela Aguilar
    Follow on Twitter @1chynna
    Subscribed on Youtube preciosachynna

  • Lauren: December 12, 2014

    Does the winner choose sizes of clothes? Because I’m pretty tall haha

  • Lauren: December 12, 2014

    I would love to win this, just like everyone else, but I look out your posts for inspiration on my daily outfits and I’m in love with what’s on the giveaways and can use it to enhance my outfits. If I win I can get your store name around by telling all my friends who you are, if they don’t already know, and post what was won and they will soon be interested. I met all the requirements for the subscription and hopefully I can win!

  • Eliza: December 12, 2014

    How do you know who has subscribed to your youtube channel?? I did anyway haha. This giveaway is so amazing, y’all are so generous!! ily

  • Alissa: December 12, 2014

    i really would love to win this giveaway! i need new clothes!!!!

  • Bel: December 11, 2014

    Fingers crossed (toes too)! I would love to win! PLEASE! ❤️ I love everything in the giveaway!

  • Alexis: December 11, 2014

    Everthing your giving away is amazing a love your clothes i hope i win but i will be happy for the person that wins.

  • Katie : December 11, 2014

    I would love to win this. Good luck to everyone! Followed retweeted subscribed and checked out your blog! Please make my dream come true

  • Trish Clapper: December 11, 2014

    oh wow what a great prize thank you

  • Beate L: December 11, 2014

    I just entered on Twitter and subscribed to your YouTube channel. you guys are announcing the winner on my first exam day, it would make my life

  • Dajzha: December 11, 2014

    This is truly amazing! Everything in the giveaway is amazing..I love all the clothing you guys have!

  • destiny: December 11, 2014

    Omg!!!! Subscribed to your youtube channel can’t wait!!!!!

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