I can't believe Coachella is only two weeks away! We're so giddy over here at Shop Priceless! It's definitely a long time coming since we started prepping for it back in January. I guess you could say we're events and holidays enthusiasts! Anyway, I hope you've been following along with the blog since then, because I've posted three other festival-worthy looks. If not, go take a peek here, here and here!

The recipe for the perfect bohemian look is a cinch, you just have to have the right pieces to work with. First, mix in a pinch of fringe and distressing. Then, add a dash of layered accessories. Next, lace-up a pair of over-the-knee gladiators. Last, add a hint of color with some playful sunnies. Finally, turn up the heat with some pretty undone plaits and twists for texture and you're ready to rock!

Are you a fan of our music festival look? Let us know in the comments below! And make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to see the how-to video on the half-up twisted fishtail braid seen above, plus two additional fishtails styles!

P.S. Check out our third (and my personal favorite!) mini style video below, created just for this look!
Justine Searle