Bright Nail Art Trends Perfect for Summer 

While beach days and pool party plans might be on hold this summer, you know what still goes great with a cute swimsuit? Summer nail trends! Okay sure fun, neon nails can't fix it all, they can be a literal bright pick-me-up. Plus, if you're spending even just a little extra time indoors lately, you can dedicate some time to pampering yourself. Use those hours inside to get creative and try some of these 10 unique, nail art trends perfect for summer. The future is looking brighter already!

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How's this for a bright pick-me-up?! These super chic neon nails are easy to re-create with some tape and a bit of patience! We recommend going for a different pattern each nail to really make it unique. 


Graphic yet simple nail art will be your best friend this summer. Give it a retro vibe with some swirls over a solid nail color, or paint directly over some clear polish. Nail art pens will be your secret to success here. 


Tie-dye everything is trending for summer, from matching sweat sets, to accessories, and yup even on nails. We love this take that feels a little more chic than summer camp, just use a sponge dipped in nail polish for a blotted effect. Or take a toothpick and create the same look. 


Our favorite nail art trend this summer! We've seen versions of these nails making their rounds on social media, and it's time to try it out for yourself! Whether you jump all in on one color, or try experimenting with various shades of neon, these are (in our humble opinion) THE 'It' nails of the summer. 


Keep Pride-month going year-round with these rainbow inspired nails! This bright and festive look can be achieved with some clever use of tape, or you can go for a more free-handed version. Love wins (and so do your nails)!


This cheerful twist on the classic french mani is guaranteed to put you in a good mood every time you look down. This look is key for when you're feeling indecisive and wanna mix things up. All you need is some tape, a nail art pen or two, and all your favorite shades! 


Cloud nails are all over insta right now, and they give us total summer vibes. And believe it or not, these dreamy clouds are totally DIY-able. All you need is a good art brush, the blue of your choice, and the perfect opaque white. 


You don’t need to have a green thumb to appreciate these dainty daisies! Use a toothpick or the end of a booby pin for perfectly symmetrical dots. Super easy, and a quick way to brighten up your days with some fresh florals! 


Feeling blue? Well we've got the manicure for you! These smiley-face nails are sure to cure any sort of quarantine-blues, and can easily be recreated with some yellow polish and (you guessed it) a nail art pen! 


Loving the designs, but neon isn't your thing? We get it babe! Take the same dreamy, swirly designs but re-create them with the neutral color palette of your choice! We recommend using a nude colored base, but also love painting directly on clear nails. This look is just as chic with some subtle neon added in as well! 


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