3 Easy Ways to Style a Blanket Scarf for Fall & Winter

A must-have style going into fall and winter is the blanket scarf! Not only does it keeps you warm and cozy, but it adds some depth to your casual fall or winter outfit. Whether your rockin' plain jeans, boots and a jacket for a chilly day out and about or pairing it with a flowy long sleeve t-shirt dress for the office or class, the blanket scarf has you covered for all your fall and winter outfit goals. The blanket scarf can be styled in so many ways, but here's a how-to video for some easy and super cute ways to master the blanket scarf trend this fall and winter.

1. The Tuck Under

2. Clean & Polished

3. Loose but chic

Check out the video at the bottom and grab yours here before they sell out for the season!