4th of July Fit


By definition, it may not officially be summer until June 21st, but according to almost everyone, summertime has officially started! With summer on our minds, you're probably thinking of vacations, planning quick weekend trips, and probably starting to plan how you’re going to celebrate a huge holiday that happens during summer…the 4th of July! Even if you don’t have plans set yet it’s always important to start thinking of outfit ideas. Below, we wanted to share some 4th of July Outfit inspo based on your sign! Keep reading below to find out what your sign has in store for you!


It's time to embrace some new changes, Gemini! Don't be afraid to take risks, do things alone, and shine like the light you are. This month is all about experimenting and finding yourself. Do what you want, not what others want! 
4th of July Fit
Heading to a BBQ with friends? Here is your fit! A cute, fit that isn't too casual or too dressy and makes the perfect holiday look. Pair our Elidi Top with our Rue White Shorts to complete the look! 
Hey Cancer babe! This is your month to follow your intuition. Have a gut feeling about something? You're probably right. Know to trust yourself and always follow your heart, it will lead you to where you are supposed to be! 
4th of July Fit


Celebrating with family? This is the fit just for you. Cancer, you are in need of our Ellie Blue Crop Top and Rue White Shorts. These are the perfect pieces for your summer wardrobe!

Stay true to yourself, Leo! It is so easy to get caught up in whatever is going on in life whether that be with friends, family, work, school, always be true to you! Tap into what ever fulfills you and run with it. Don't let anyone tell you different this month and every month! 
4th of July Fit
A picnic for the 4th? Say less! Wear something soft and sweet like our Remy Gingham Dress! Add something a little extra (just like you!), like the Maeve White Heels
Hey Virgo! This month is feeling lucky for you! There is good fortune and success in your future that will set the tone for you this month. Pay attention to signs and they will guide you in the right direction. Only time will tell, Virgo babe.  
4th of July Fit  
Virgo, we know you have a deep love for classics. Rock this summer classic trend this month with our Uma White Bodysuit and Vertigo Vegan Leather Pants and make your way to the 4th of July party! 


Libra, expect some shift in you personal relationships this month! Open the doors to new friendships because you never know who could be a new permanent person in your life. On the flip side, rid any toxic energy in your relationships because it is only holding you back! 
4th of July Fit
Heading out on the boat this summer? Style the Tiana Crop Top with our Salinas Button Down to achieve the perfect boat day look!
Scorpio babe! It's time to finish some business. Have a new hobby you picked up and forgot about? Putting off certain responsibilities and avoiding certain aspects of your day to day duties? Well no more because this month is all about tying loose ends and starting with a clean slate! 
4th of July Fit
Scorpio! You always know how to complete a look. You keep it elevated yet casual and that is the vibe for this 4th of July look. Style our Soleil Red Crochet top with our Cody Denim Shorts to complete this look! 
Sagittarius, are you feeling spontaneous? Well you're in luck because this month is all about exploring and being adventurous. Have you been wanting to take trip somewhere and just haven't? Well, do it because now because this is the time. Be brave, be bold, and take risks!
4th of July  
Sag, all white fits all summer long are the new motto. Get ready to head out to your fourth of July party in our Uma White Bodysuit and don't forget your Bethan Oversized Blazer to complete the fit! 
You're a true star Capricorn! Always working hard to get where and what you want in life is how you role. This month, take a moment for yourself and do some self care loving. It is okay to slow down sometimes and relax. But don't ever lose your drive! 
Hot Topic  
Capricorn, use a bit of that extra confidence and try something new this summer! Try out one of the summer's hottest trends in our Hot Tropic Top. Finish off your summer-babe look with our Lola Wedges
Things are looking up for you Aquarius! As a natural creative and innovator, you will see a shift in your interests. These interests will open your doors to a whole new world so be prepared to let new feelings in, it will be well worth it! 
 4th of July FIt
Use your personal style to soak up the sun, Aquarius! Our Hazel Blue Crop Top is perfect for summer beach days and pool parties! 
Pisces babe! This month is all about acceptance. Sometimes things get throw at us in life and learning how to deal with them may not always be easy, but you always find a way. Sometimes there are things we can not change and to accept that and move forward will be your ultimate success. 
4th of July Outfit
The perfect summer dress for a day exploring you favorite places, Pisces! Our Lovers Red Dress is THE dress of the season! Add on our Lola Wedges to finish off your look!  
Aries babe! This month will be about change. Big or small, change is in your future. Will you move to a new location? Get a new job? Start a new hobby? Only time will be able to tell. Change challenges us to explore deeper into ourselves so do not ignore any signs you may feel! 
4th of July Fit
Aries, we know neutral colors are kinda your thing. We've got you covered this summer with the hottest top, our Uma Taupe Bodysuit! Wear our Cody Shorts to complete the look! 
Taurus, this month is all you. Take a day to yourself, go get your nails done, go buy that top you've been eyeballing for weeks. Sometimes doing things for you is what you need to get back on track and get out of a funk. Be nice to yourself! 
 Blue Dress   

Taurus, we have the perfect summer dress that makes a statement! Our Flower Shower Dress is light, dainty, and cute making the perfect summer holiday fit. If you want to add some extra spark, our Xia White Cage Heels are the way to go!