5 Flannel Outfits You Can't Live Without


We all know once it starts getting a little chilly outside, the plaid shirts are immediately pulled out. Not only are flannels festive, but they are the most versatile long sleeve top in your closet. Flannels are the perfect addition to any fall wardrobe and many don't know how you can turn a basic flannel into a super trendy outfit. Don't argue with us, just see for yourself. Check out these 5 flannel outfits to re-create for some cute, casual looks this season! You can also shop all our Priceless flannels here.

1. Bright + Colorful 

Fall Flannel Outfits

Take things up a notch with this stunning Hit Refresh Mustard Plaid Top and delicate Elsie Black Bralette. This dynamic duo makes for the perfect flannel outfit this winter! Pair with our Count On It Medium Wash Distressed Skinny Jeans and Edge Of Life Boots- Black for a look that can be worn all season long! Styling tip: unbutton the first two buttoned on the plaid top to create a 'peek a boo' affect with the bralette. Trust us, you'll look fabulous!

2. Layered Love


Fall Flannel Outfits

Who says you have to wear a flannel just by itself? If you are feeling like you need to add an extra layer for warmth and comfort, pair our Hit Refresh Red Plaid Top with our Alex Cardigan for the perfect layered look. Complete this look with our top-selling Count On It Medium Wash Distressed Skinny Jeans and Edge Of Life Boots-Black to achieve an easy and casual fall outfit for school or work! 

3. Classic Olive

Fall Flannel Outfits

Nothing is better this season than a classic olive plaid top. The Impulsive Olive Play Top combines all our favorite colors this season. With hints of hunter green, navy and white, you won't have any trouble finding occasions to wear this flannel outfit to. Add your favorite pair of dark-wash denim and the Edge Of Life Boots-Tan to achieve this classic and stunning outfit for the cooler season. Styling tip: dress it up by adding some stilettos and a black leather jacket! You can thank us later!

4. Effortlessly Edgy


Fall Flannel Outfits

Need an easy flannel outfit to throw on for class? Check this one out! This edgy flannel outfit will have you staying warm while looking super cute all day. The black and yellow Mariel Mustard Plaid Tie-Front Top styled with the Edge Of Life Boots-Black is warm and cozy, while still giving you some trendy pieces to stand out! Never underestimate the bow of vibrant colors and stunning moto boots!

5. Quiet Beauty


Fall Flannel Outfits

Our fifth and final flannel outfit to highlight is our Impulsive Burgundy Plaid Top with our No Limits Chocolate Booties. We're picturing this... you're searching for the perfect Christmas tree with your boo, or maybe grabbing some refreshing hot cocoa at the local coffee shop. I don't know your vibe this season, but all I know is this outfit screams winter flannel outfit. The burgundy and red hues of the Impulsive Top goes effortlessly with the best-selling, comfy and easy to walk in combat booties. Need we say more?