Halloween has always been one of my favorite of holidays. Afterall, it is the only day you can dress completely crazy and nobody can say anything about it! Now, I don’t want to use scare tactics, but you should probably already have your Halloween outfit picked out at this point, otherwise, do you even like Halloween? I’m totally kidding, I still don’t know what I want to be, the options are endless! So, if you’re anything like me then you probably could use some help with deciding what/who to be for Halloween! Oh, and don’t even bother with Party City or those Spirit stores that pop up at abandoned strip malls, they’re completely picked over by now! Draw inspiration from the outfits below to create your own last-minute costume idea! The best part? You can mix and match with pieces already in your closet! 


Beanie | Tank | Shirt | Shorts | Boots | Socks



Tank | Skirt | Wallet | Booties



Flower Crown | Tank | Jeans | Booties | Bracelet


G.I. Jane

Jacket | Dress | Scarf | Necklace | Boots


Baseball Player

Hat | Shirt | NecklaceJeans | Sneakers

And my personal favorite, the witch! These pieces below paired together create the chicest witch costume, one that I wouldn’t be ashamed to rock on a regular basis.


Dress | TightsCardigan | Booties | Hat

Get crafty with pieces from Shop Priceless to make your own unique Halloween costume! And if you’re digging the witchy vibes like I am, then take a peek at the October Lookbook


Justine Searle