Ahh, August. A time for new adventures & self reinvention has begun! With the new season, the fashion world is saying goodbye to crop tops & denim shorts & hello to sweaters & booties! We couldn't be more excited to see what August has in store for us, so read on to see what the stars are saying about YOU! 🌟


This month, you'll find yourself with unanswered questions. Your friends will have strong opinions on how to handle things or who to see, but follow your heart. It's important to make sure you're happy with your decision, everything else can be fixed later.


You're feeling a newfound sense of confidence this month, so embrace it! Now is the time to feel good about your dreams & aspirations, & follow them! People are noticing they have more in common with you than they thought, & will be drawn to you!


You're feeling anxious more than usual lately, so this month release your grip on something & just let it all happen. You can trust others to get things done the way you want, you just need to give them the chance!


 If you're feeling artistic this month, embrace it! Now is a time to explore this side of you & grow into it more. Experiment with different mediums & maybe try doing things differently than you usually do!


You've been feeling a bit more stressed this month because of a big project. Things are starting to look up, so enjoy the benefits of your hard work! The tough part is behind you, now all you have left is to enjoy what you've worked so hard for!


Your family hasn't been seeing you as often as they would like, so set some time aside this month to spend some good quality time with them! It is also a time for rest and relaxation, so if your family lives far away, consider taking some time off to visit! 


You're wanting to start a new project, but the conditions at the moment are less than perfect. Wait just a little longer & things will fall into place for you to start this new venture in your life! 


Things in your romantic life have been going great, and it's going it continue in August! Try to let your guard down and let your emotions kick in when conversing with a partner. This open experience will bring you closer to your partner.


 You are in high demand this month Libra! Your romantic partner will want to spend every minute of every hour with you in the beginning of the month. Spend time with them if you want, but keep in mind you need to balance time with them and your friends, who are also seeking your attention!


Surround yourself with people who are exuding positive vibes this month. You will absorb their energy and feel renewed and ready to create something new! Spending time with those who love you is important, so make sure to make time for it in your busy schedule. 


You may have plans that you were looking forward to get cancelled, but don't worry, there are plenty of other opportunities for adventure this month! Look for new things to try and grow your passion for something you may have put on the back burner! 


You're usually the one who makes plans and brings everyone together, but it can be tiring sometimes! Relax this month and let someone else take control of your social scene. People are still seeking your presence, so they'll invite you out!

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