Celebrating All Of Our Priceless Babes Today and Every Day!



The Priceless Family wanted to take a moment and give a very big “Happy International Women’s Day!” to our lovely community. We especially like to celebrate this holiday for a few major reasons. Founded in 2013, Priceless was built on the backs of strong, inspired women. A mother and daughter duo that found a passion for making women dress as beautiful and powerful as they feel. Priceless is all about fast fashion, with high quality, at affordable prices.


This year’s International Women’s Day celebrates balance. As women in this world, we have the opportunity to be great. We truly believe that every woman has the strength and courage to do everything and anything, and that is truly what inspired us to create Shop Priceless. #BalanceforBetterFashion focuses on the ability of women to take on the world and celebrate their creativity and individuality through fashion. Whether it's wearing your favorite socks or styling all your favorite pieces in your closet, fashion is a way for women to take on the world with confidence. Balance your love, light, and character and you will shine through any challenge that is put in front of you.


As a female-run business, we believe every girl should have the opportunity to express their unique style, no matter the cost. We make it easy for women of all ages to embrace their individuality through affordable fashion. It doesn't matter the price tag, every piece of clothing should be Priceless.


Happy International Women’s Day to all the beautiful, inspirational women out there that are not afraid to be bold and work hard. The Priceless team celebrates #WomenSupportWomen and encourages every girl out there to do what they love, and #BalanceforBetter. Don’t forget that balance drives a better-looking outfit!