Now that the anticipation of heading back to class has subsided, it's time to refocus that energy to something of the upmost importance: Your mood! There's certainly a plethora of things that can either positively or adversely affect your mood. Colors happen to be a major factor. Who remembers the mood rings you could buy from the gum ball machine? While they weren't exactly accurate, (mine always turned a black-green!) they were still intriguing! And dare I say a must-have fashion accessory in the early '90s. But did you know your sign is drawn toward certain hues? It's true! To learn more, we've teamed up with Heather Rose again to determine which color suits your sign best. In doing so, we picked out a few items from our shop. So go check out which pieces are a match made in heaven plus a horoscope reading to help you shine in your complimentary shade!

Mint is a rather creative but inspirational color that fits your sign well. It's a expressive color and because of that, it helps you find joy expressing yourself through creative means. You sometimes get lost in your mind as you daydream of thoughts and sensitivity. You strive to bring forth the understandings of your mind to the world.

Aquarius Picks


Silver has a calming but stern nature about it that suits your sign rather well. You express yourself well and you look into the matters of your heart rather deeply. You're highly sensitive to the emotions around you and that plays into your intuitive nature. Allow yourself to delve into those emotions but try not to hide from the world.

Pisces Picks


Your zodiac is most compatible with the color burgundy and it's no surprise why. You have a passionate and energizing personality. You can easily spread your fiery personality to others. The people you influence can't help but look up to you with respect.

Aries Picks


Knowing that your sign is grounded and down to earth, it's no surprise that your zodiac resonates green. Green is symbolic of family and unity. You have a deep loyalty to the people around you and that can never be broken. The matters of your heart are the forefront of who you are.

Taurus Picks


With how sociable and diverse you are, it's no surprise that your sign radiates the color of gold. You strive to keep things absolutely mellow and balanced. The color gold will also help you try to be more adventurous and explore new experiences. You'll be taking chances that you never thought you would.

Gemini Picks


With how in touch you are with your spiritual side, it's no surprise that your sign matches with a white color. You have a great perspective on how things should be and you don't let your emotions get in your way. You have a higher potential for deeper understanding of the emotions of others and because of that, you tend to be much more sensitive.

Cancer Picks


You're such a radiant sign that it makes sense that your color happens to be yellow. You are a bright individual and you shine your light on everyone who enters your life. You're a positive person and you just have an energy that doesn't quit. People can't help but admire you for it.

Leo Picks


It makes sense that your sign's color would be blue when given how calm and balanced you are. You have a skill at tapping into peace and you usually have no trouble finding your happy place. People just can't help but feel calm and tranquil in your presence. The world could definitely benefit from your healing ways.

Virgo Picks


You have this enchanting aura about you and it matches well with the color olive. You have a knowledge of how things should be in this world and you're always trying your best to make it so. You always strive to give yourself the things you need in order to thrive. You know what it takes to succeed in this world.

Libra Picks


When you visualize your sign, all that you can think of is feisty color of red. You're not one to sit still and just like the churning of passion, you always have the desire to spring up and do something amazing. You're not afraid to let your personality show and you happen to be pretty bold at times. You have a personality that just can't be held back.

Scorpio Picks


The purity of the color ivory seems to match well with your sign. You know you have a sensitive but bold personality and you're not afraid to prove it. You love learning new knowledge and because of that, you have a gift of sharing what you learn in new and unique ways. You also have strong beliefs and that's a rarity in this world.

Sagittarius Picks


The depth of the color navy is one that fits your sign well. You're a rather level-headed individual and you rarely get caught up in confusion. You usually think before you act because spontaneity is just not in your nature. You have the perception and intuition to see what others can't.

Capricorn Picks


What do you think? Does your mood fit your sign's color? Let me know in the comments! Stay tuned for next month's horoscope by Heather Rose!


Justine Searle