December Horoscopes + Cute Christmas Outfits!




The best time of the year is here! 🎄 Am I right? It's the time of year for Christmas parties, family get-togethers, hot cocoa, christmas lights, and of course presents! We are so close to a new year and 2019 is right around the corner. But before you get too excited we still have this whole month to get through. Take a look below at what this month has in store for you. 


If you need to make a change, now is the time to take action. Then the sun will be moving into Capricorn and into an oppositional position. As you might expect from an opposition, during this time you can expect some other people to simply have opinions that differ from your own. This is a good time to practice your tolerance during these times it's important to trust in yourself. 



Everything might not go as smoothly as you would hope. Life never stands still, of course, but instead is shaped by constant change. We must learn to treat change as an opportunity. The difficulties we are faced with in life often turn out to be our greatest teachers. Learning new things is never easy, but it is rewarding.



You should take special care of yourself during this time. Otherwise, you might experience some health problems. On the other hand, it will be Christmas time a great time to reflect and take some time away from the hectic pace of everyday life. This is your time to think and relax. 

 Saturn will continue to form a square throughout the entire year, meaning you should expect challenges and difficulties that could affect every area of your life. 


Your career is about to gain a lot of momentum. Therefore, do not protect people and do not avoid contact with them, be ready for new challenges and stubbornly fight for yours, and you will see that the effort will pay off. You will get what you want, and in addition others will look at you in a completely different way.


This period is about how to deal with all the offers and opportunities coming your way, particularly as they relate to your career. Luck and expansion merge nicely with sudden inspiration and change. Since this affects your career sector, it also brings up the idea of authority figures. Are you clashing with someone higher up at work, or are you ready to step into the shoes of authority in your life?


Just when it was looking like romantic matters were running their course or you had missed the boat, the love gods bring an opportunity for a do over. By the time Jupiter left your romantic sector on 9th November and the Sun on 22nd November, Venus and Mercury had both been and gone, supposedly bringing all focus on matters of the heart to an end.



Communication with others could be extremely rewarding, Leo. Project more of your energy outward and join others in projects that you might otherwise try to tackle on your own. Things should flow smoothly as long as you take a lighthearted, optimistic approach. Move forward with projects and put yourself out there.



This month brings an urge to withdraw from your honey and to make a little time and space for yourself. Don't worry that this will harm the relationship, as it may even do it a great deal of good. You need to think a few things through and get clear about how you feel. Don't neglect yourself; your needs are important as well.


How long has it taken to get this far in the relationship? Days, weeks, months? Distance yourself for a while and take the long view. Don't expect miracles all at once; yet don't give up altogether. There is a lot more yet to be discovered in the partnership, so keep going, but give each other space.


You're heading into an interesting time. Others are attracted to you and your message, so if you have a presentation to deliver or sales pitch to offer, schedule it for this week. With a supportive Universe, your house of communication is most affected. How can you take that compliment you received to the next level and turn it into a promotion?


While the focus is on matters of the heart rather than your relationships this month, it is via an unusual mix of romantic confidence, nostalgia and anticipation. While Venus, the planet of love turned direct last month, she will return to a nostalgic part of your chart on 3rd December, where she will spend the rest of the year.



With holiday parties right around the corner, you may need to find some way to keep your feet very firmly anchored to the ground. There is every likelihood that you may be swept away in a tide of passion that could take you completely by surprise. Don't give in to this romance too quickly, you're going to need more time.



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