Where did 2018 go? How is it already OCTOBER?! You know, I'm not even mad, this cooler weather is giving me life! There are so many things to look forward to the rest of this year, and Halloween is just the beginning! With fall in full swing, we thought we would share some fall fashion must haves with your monthly horoscope, just so you know what this month will look like, fashion wise, for you 😉


Adventure is calling you! An opportunity to take a trip is coming, so you'll want to conserve your energy to ensure you're up for the challenge! Take a bestie with you, they'll enrich your experience and you'll make memories you'll both hold dear.

Your work might be taking a toll on you right now, but that won't stop you from working hard. Take some time away from your projects and enjoy some stress free time with friends!


You're wanting to get closer to a friend, and now may be your time! Ask them to hangout or get lunch, they're wanting to get to know you better too! Don't be too pushy, as this might scare them off.


An unexpected visitor is paying you a visit that you might not have been prepared for! Enjoy time with your guest and save your work for later, you can always catch up on work but catching up with a distant friend doesn't happen as often.


Everyone is wanting your attention at the moment, so soak it up! People will want to hangout with you, so this is your chance to get everyone together in a larger setting. Have fun with all of your friends!


You're feeling restless in your home at the moment, maybe it's time for a change of scenery? Or maybe a new roommate? Whatever you choose, it'll bring you financial gain. Go with it!


You have a lot of exciting changes going on right now! Make sure to pay attention to the little things so you can enjoy the benefits of your hard work later! With all these things going on, make sure you take time out of your day to care for yourself as well!


You've been working really hard, and you're getting tired. Just remember why you started what you doing now and reevaluate how you can recommit and stay passionate about the things you love!

It's Libra season! Soak up all the glory that you deserve, now is a time to celebrate YOU! Connect with friends, whether they're old or new. It's time to try new things and make new connections!

You're feeling a sense of productivity now, so soak it up. You have some unfinished project lingering around and this newfound free time can tie up those loose ends! 

Something has been stressing you and you're getting frustrated about it. Don't take this time brooding in your frustration, see this as a time to rearrange things in your life so you can have some better working order! Things that are no longer serving you and are actually hindering should be cleansed.

You've been thinking about something for months and months now, and it's time to discuss it with someone to get it solved. There is no need to hold onto something you have vague knowledge of, so get your clarity where you can and let it go.

Piper Shae