It's finally October, which means one thing and one thing only: Halloween! That's right, the day we celebrate by dressing up as ghosts and ghouls so the dead and supernatural can walk among us unrecognized. And also, the night we can threaten neighbors to give us candy or else a mischievous act will be bestowed upon them! Sure, its history has a slightly sinister beginning. However, it's now simply a lighthearted holiday where you can dress up in a zany costume that either evokes laughs or screams! But are you spooked because you don't know what you should dress up as this year? Then let the universe guide you this All Hallows' Eve! See which costume best fits your Zodic sign with a horoscope reading provided by Heather Rose! And even if you've already picked a costume, you just might be convinced to reconsider! 

Aquarius tend to have quite an independent streak that plays well into their fierce nature. Channel that boldness into a costume that reflects that, such as a pirate. It shows you have a sense of rebellion while also knowing how to look good. You'd definitely be stealing some hearts on Halloween.

Aquarius Picks


You probably want something a bit more unique but still just as cute this Halloween. Well, with your romantic and sensitive nature, you could definitely pull of an animal costume of some sort. You could dress up as a cute woodland creature, such as a deer or fawn. But whichever animal you go with, you'll be sure to pull it off.

Pisces Picks


You have a personality that always keeps you fighting injustice of the world. You're not afraid to fight for a cause even if others are against you. With your loyal soul, you'd pull off a superhero costume well. You would having no problem filling such heroic boots.

Aries Picks


You're an old soul, Taurus, and your costume should reflect that. You would look stunning in a vintage costume such as a flapper. That's because your beauty shines in any era or decade. Get ready to wow everyone on Halloween.

Taurus Picks


Gemini happen to be quite outgoing and full of life. You're a social butterfly who loves to make others laugh so go for a costume that would put others in good spirits. If you want to get people talking, a fairy costume would be perfect for that. You'd definitely have a dazzling beauty that would capture people's attention.

Gemini Picks


The best costume for you this Halloween would be one where you change up a classic look. The idea of a witch would be absolutely perfect for a inspired soul like you. Either keep it classic or add your own spin to it. No matter what you do, you'll definitely cast a spell on everyone.

Cancer Picks


You are a proud and brave sign so it's no surprise that you should have a regal costume. You'd pull off the look of a princess well for Halloween with your charm. You would have no trouble stunning the people all around you. While you may not be an actual princess, there's no shame in always feeling like one.

Leo Picks


You're someone who's definitely not afraid to show off their individuality. With your confidence and air of mystery, you could pull off the look of a whimsical mermaid. You'd definitely stand out from the crowd with such a gorgeous look.

Virgo Picks


What sign would be better suited for a vampire than you, Libra? You definitely know how to make a statement. You would be a vampire with an enchanting and spine-chilling beauty. People won't be able to take their eyes off of you on Halloween.

Libra Picks


Scorpios tend to have a rather intense personality and love creating ideas with their imagination. While the idea of a zombie costume may be cliché, you'd definitely know how to revamp it. You would have no trouble adding a refreshing twist to a classic costume.

Scorpio Picks


You're an eternal optimist who loves to have a good time. You want a costume that's easily recognizable but still fun. The perfect costume for you would be a character or person from pop culture, like Kylie Jenner! You'd definitely get a ton of compliments with such a popular costume.

Sagittarius Picks


You'd probably be better off wearing an enchanting and beautiful type of costume this Halloween. Your personality would be best suited for the costume of a goddess. It would be one that you could pull off so effortlessly. You would definitely be in the spotlight on Halloween.

Capricorn Picks


What do you think? Does your Halloween costume fit your sign? Let me know in the comments! Stay tuned for next month's horoscope by Heather Rose!


Justine Searle