I know one thing, and that is that the April showers definitely brought us May flowers! Its beautiful and sunny, you can feel the warmth of sun on your skin in the day, and at night you can smell smoky summer campfires! This month Heather Rose has a lovely set of horoscopes that revolve around all of the zodiac flowers. Read your monthly horoscope below and don't let time pass by to quickly! Stop & smell the flowers :)

The flower for your month is none other than the red carnation. Red carnations usually represent admiration or love and affection. This may be the month you happen to get lucky in love whether that be romantic or otherwise.

No flower matches your month better than the purple violet. This flower is thought to be closely linked to the thoughts of spirituality. It's quite a peaceful yet passionate flower and that probably describes your personality quite well.

Your flower, the daffodil, happens to match your personality quite well. It's a flower that symbolizes new beginnings and rebirth. You're not one to hold a grudge for very long and you're always looking for new opportunities to advance farther in life.

The sweet pea is a rather delicate flower that seems to compliment you well, Taurus. While it may be fragile looking and sweet, it definitely holds it's own among the other flowers. You happen to be the same way. While you may be sweet and kind-hearted, you have a voice that let's yourself be heard.

Your flower is none other than the Lily of the Valley and it's a flower that suits you quite well. It's a flower that unique but very beautiful, just like yourself Gemini. You have something about you that just captures the attention of others. You're a mystery that everyone wants to solve.

Because of your rather quiet nature, the honeysuckle flower is a good match for your month. While you like to keep things calm and peaceful, you're not the type that likes to hide in the shadows. You have a enchanting beauty about you, Cancer, one you shouldn't take for granted.

The waterlily is a flower known for unity and you happen to be quite good at bringing people together, Leo. You're a leader and you know when it's important to take charge. People look up to you and respect you because of your ways.

You happen to be a rather peaceful individual, Virgo and that's why the poppy fits you well. You're not the type who enjoys confrontation and you'd rather bring about peace more than anything. You stay relatively calm in most aspects of your life.

The morning glory flower is one that is known for love and you happen to be someone with quite a bit of love to give. When you find people important to you, they stay important to you always and you're willing to do anything for them. You have a big heart and the people close to you admire you for it.

 The flower that represents you, the cosmos flower, is one that is very vibrant and unique. You're a bold person who won't be sent to the shadows. You make sure your opinions are heard and you're not afraid of expressing who you truly are.

Your flower, the yellow chrysanthemum, is one that reflects on the morality of life. You're someone who sees how precious life truly is and you make sure not to waste even one second. You do what makes you happy in life and because of that, you happen to live a much more fulfilling life.

The holly flower is one that happens to be quite beautiful but also holds a few hidden thorns. You're somewhat like that as well, Capricorn. You're a very sweet and good-natured person but you're not afraid to lash out if someone gets on your bad side.

Jacque Stuard