The tropical breeze is in the air and the first day of summer is just around the corner! Laying our in the warm sunshine during the day and late night bonfires with friends is all thats on our mind. Some may find love, some may find adventure, and others will find themselves. Take a peek below at your June horoscope written by Heather Rose, and see what this summer has in store for you😉.



You've never been one who liked the summer months. You find them way too hot and just unpleasant in general. You'll be singing a different tune this summer though, Aquarius. While the months may still stay hot, there's a pleasant surprise waiting for you this month.

You're ready to be the social butterfly this month, Pisces! The month of June is going to be filled with barbecues and pool parties and you'll be the one to host them all. You may get a bit shy when it comes to the spotlight sometimes but you'll find some great changes if you step out of your comfort zone in the next few weeks. 

An adventure is waiting for you this month! While you may not be the type that likes to go out and get your hands dirty, you're ready to in the upcoming weeks. You'll be pleasantly surprised by all the excitement this adventure will hold for you. 

What this month holds for you, Taurus, is none other than opportunities in your love life. If you happen to be single, you'll find a new love interest that will definitely capture your attention. For the taken Tauruses, this month will hold a little getaway for you and your partner. 

You're feeling hot this month, Gemini and that definitely plays into your confidence. You're feeling bold enough to go after the thing you've been pining after for so long. Whether it's a romantic love interest or a promotion at work, you're ready to go for it. 

The end of this month holds a romantic getaway for you that will absolutely blow your mind in the best way possible. Things that you couldn't even imagine, will all be falling your way that week. Keep an optimistic outlook for this month, Cancer, because a lot of your wishes will be granted soon.  

This is the month to look after yourself and become a bit more independent. You've probably felt a bit stressed in the pass few months and now it's time to look after your own needs and work past your negative feelings. Separate yourself from the toxicity in your life if possible and go find somewhere to relax and clear your mind and soul.

When summer approaches, you can't help but feel your mood perk up. There's something about the warm breeze of summer or the jingle of an ice cream truck that just lets you know that it will be a good day. So if you have been feeling quite a bit down or stressed lately, Virgo, this is your month for that to all turn around. 

You're going to happen to meet someone incredibly important to you this month, Libra. This person will most likely be someone platonic but they're going to end up playing a role in your life that you'll never forget. Keep your heart open and accept whoever may come your way this month. 

Your luck is going to change this month and it'll be something that involves your family life. Maybe you'll make up with someone you've been bickering with or meet up with a family member you haven't seen in awhile. Whatever it may be, let go of the grudges and become more open to hearing them out. 

You're going to be learning something important about yourself this month, Sagittarius. You'll figure out that you may have reached your limit on something that has been in your life for so long. It's time to ask yourself the important questions and figure out if it's something to hang onto or if you should cut it loose for your well-being. 

You have a few vacations waiting for you this month and you can't wait to take advantage of them. You have a ton of passion and enthusiasm and you'll make memories that will last forever in these areas. Step outside of your comfort zone and enjoy everything that comes your way this month.
Along with each astrological sign comes a cute little outfit inspo💁🏼Enjoy your warm sunshine filled days and your long summer nights pretty girls! 
Jacque Stuard