#letsbePriceless Campaign & What It Means

    As a women-run company in an industry dominated by strong, beautiful and powerful individuals, we wanted to dive into fashion and social media and pull out the good, juicy stuff. You know -- the questions we ask ourselves every day or the things we do and we don't even realize it. Fashion is second-nature to everyone, whether they like to admit it or not. How we dress, present ourselves, and move forward with a smile is part of our everyday lives and Shop Priceless wanted to take that move one step further. Dive into the #letsbePriceless campaign and find out what makes you feel beautiful, strong and Priceless every day.


    #letsbePriceless Movement


    How #letsbePriceless got started

    As one of the fastest growing online boutiques, we wanted to take a step back and look deeper into our audience. Our girls. Our tribe. All the Priceless Babes out there that love our brand, or haven't met us yet. With nearing 1M followers on Instagram, countless users log on daily to interact with our outfit grids or watch our styling videos. We wanted to know more about these babes and so the question came up: What does ‚Äúbeing Priceless‚ÄĚ mean to you?


      What does the movement stand for?

      The #letsbePriceless movement is all about showing your inner beauty and self-confidence through fashion. Every day we get dressed and look in the mirror. Why? Because for a lot of #bossbabes out there, it makes us feel some kind of way. That feeling when you find the perfect outfit for the day, and you feel unstoppable. Can anyone relate?! 

      It's about planning Priceless moments and then dressing for them. When you get that wedding invite in California, or finally get asked out by that cute guy from Hinge, your first thought is, "What TF am I going to wear?!" #letsbePriceless is about those moments, finding the most perfect, Priceless outfit for all your Priceless moments in life.

      How does it make you feel? 

      It's more than just dressing up, it's dressing for moments. To feel like your best self for those special days, or the superordinary days. The good hair days, or the days we need an extra boost in self-confidence. Be Priceless today and every day!


      #letsbePriceless Movement


      How can I join?

      We thought you'd never ask! We encourage you to join this campaign with us and share your story on social media using #letsbePriceless.

      WIN A $1,000 SHOPPING SPREE! By joining the #letsbePriceless campaign.

      • 1st place $1,000 shopping spree
      • 2nd $100
      • 3rd $100
      How to Enter: 
      1. Post a photo, share to your IG story, include @shoppriceless #letsbePriceless FIRST
      2. BONUS ENTRY: Write in the caption what fashion means to you and how it makes you feel Priceless + tag your babes!
      3. Must upload a new and original picture/post

      One of our special Priceless Babes, Erin Alvey, is co-launching this movement with us. Erin has been a huge advocate and support for our brand for years now. Check out her journey with fashion and what it means for her to feel Priceless every day.



      Let's dive into what makes us feel beautiful, timeless and Priceless. #letsbePriceless


      Marissa Whisman