10 Easy Manicure Ideas To Try At Home

Hey babes! As most nail salons are closed right now, you might already be craving your bi-monthly appointment. So why not try doing an at-home manicure in the meantime? It’ll help you maintain your beauty routine (which is important for your mental health, FYI) and give you a new creative project! Plus, what is a better accessory than a killer manicure? Here are 10 simple and easy manicure ideas to try out at home! 

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Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking. But really, we're loving these super fun floral nails to brighten up your days! Whether you decide to go all out on each nail or take it easy and focus your design into one nail, the possibilities are endless with this one! 


If you're super indecisive like us, why not try multiple colors at once! Plus, it brings the opportunity for more creativity! Pick a color palette that blends well together (we're currently loving everything pastel right now) and go for it!



For a playful but easy manicure, give these polka dot nails a try! We love this one because you can keep it monochrome with black and white dots, or get creative with some bright colors. Have fun with this one, babes! 


If you decide for a more simplistic nail design on your nails, these minimalist lines are the way to go. We love these for how versatile they can be, with any color to pick from! Gorgeous, right?


Fact: French manicures can do you no wrong! Get creative with a twist on the classic french mani and try it out with some pastel colors, perfect for spring! Nail tip: use some tape to quickly and easily achieve that perfect french mani curve! 


If you're feeling extra adventurous, why not go all out and try your hand at some cute nail art? These quirky nail designs are so much fun, and you don't have to be an expert to really nail these down. Opt for designing all your nails, or just to few to keep it more simple. 


In a rush but still want some chic nails? We're obsessed with these super fun nails that are so easy to create at home. All you need is some tape (you can cut pieces to be smaller if needed) and some nail polish! We recommend trying out different colors at once, maybe even on the same nail! 



These unique cow-print nails are a favorite of ours lately! The best part? These don't have to perfect; if you mess up a little, just change the design of the print! We also love changing out the colors for a more brightly colored print! 


Ready to glam it up at home? These super easy nails are so chic, and we're loving how quick they are to recreate yourself. Just add on a simple faux diamond, or make your own fun pattern with some faux pearls! Feel free to go all out on this one! 


And finally, if you're wanting some quick and super easy nails, try some press-on nails! We love how easy these are to apply, and give the same look of acrylics without the salon visit! The possibilities are truly endless with these.