Your Spring Break Outfit Based On Your March Horoscope 

Hey Priceless babes! It’s the beginning of the month and you know what that means- new horoscopes! We love everything that Spring season has to offer- from planning spring break trips with friends to bringing some freshly blossomed flowers to a cute picnic! Most importantly, we love all the new trends that the warmer weather brings forth so what better way to get a head start than to find out what new Spring Shop Priceless outfit best matches your sign? Scroll and read on to find out what the stars have in mind for you! 


This month is your month to own it, Pisces.  Something really B-I-G is going to happen and you deserve it, you’ve worked so hard for this. The final step is to have the confidence to reach out for the rewards, so put yourself in the spotlight and show them what you can do! 

The perfect outfit for a day exploring by the beach, Pisces! Our Josie White V-Neck Bodysuit is so versatile, and pairs perfectly with our Lost At Sea Navy Striped Shorts! Just add on some finishing touches, like our Elise Black Lace Bralette and Weekend Platform Sandals for some extra vacay-vibes. 


Passion and dedication are what truly make you up Aries, and you have always got a goal in your sights. This month will  bring you extra power, courage, resilience, and wisdom, so use it wisely where you can.  You could even get a burst of motivation to start working out and adding more greens to your plate! You can truly make anything work, so pick the right battles to fight. You can handle anything, Aries! 

Aries, we know bright colors are kinda your thing. We've got you covered this spring break with the hottest romper, our Kai Marsala Coconut Button Tie-Front Romper. Style with some beachy accessories like our Bonham Straw Hat for the ultimate spring break babe look! 



Taurus, this month is all about finding some grounding. Have you been feeling a little grumpy lately? Maybe start the new month by taking some time to relax and unwind! Instead of stressing yourself out by planning every detail of your next vacay, opt for a stay-cation instead! With less pressure to make it the perfect vacation, you can focus more on yourself and really get back in-tune with your emotions.  Focus on what is important and breathe easier.


Taurus, we have the perfect outfit to snuggle up in for your stay-cation! Our Josie Black V-Neck Bodysuit is maximum comfy, but so cute styled with our Cameron Olive Camo Joggers. Add some drama to your look with our Sofia Black Lace Bralette

Get ready to climb that mountain, Gemini!  A new beginning, a clean slate, and a fresh start are just what you need this spring. Invest your ALL into anything that inspires you, whether that's a project, job, hobby, or a new relationship! Your strength shows this is all necessary and important for your own personal development. Seek a new path, change your daily routine, and look for new ways to get a fresh start. 

New beginnings call for a new outfit! Take the Wildflower Medium Wash High Waisted Distressed Shorts on your next extravagant vacay for the ultimate cool-girl look! Pair with our Scenic Route Mint Crop Top, and finish off your look with our Weekend Two-Tone Canvas Sandals



Cancer babe, we know how difficult it is to feel SO deeply all the time! It's exhausting just thinking about it, and you deserve the relax vacay of your dreams! Maybe it's to an inspiring new city, or taking a calming stay-cation to really focus on yourself (or some home decor)! Focus on what makes you happy and the fog will lift at last, you’ll feel clear and confident about what you want… and, as a result, you’re gonna get it!

Cancer, you are in need of a power suit! Our Let's Meet Green Wrap Top is the perfect stand-out top perfect for your spring wardrobe! Just pair with our Mika Jeans and Heels for the perfect lady in-charge look! 

Take a deep dive, Leo! This month begins with a major focus on details. This is an ideal time to slip behind the scenes and hang the “do not disturb” sign. You can get SO much done if you really focus on getting your tasks done and prioritize. Have you been waiting to make a big decision about your career path? Putting off a purchase? You may just get the “all clear” signal you’ve been waiting for. You have all you need to succeed, Leo! 

After all that hard work, you deserve a little treat for yourself, Leo! Our West Coast Dream Mustard Romper makes the perfect look for a date night out with yourself! Add something a little extra (just like you!), like the Cece Vegan Suede Heels

Hey Virgo! We know you're one to plan way ahead and over-think (that's what we love about you!). This spring break, take a breather and let the vacation plan itself. Don't worry too much about details, just carry on being you, and see what unfolds. Who knows… it might be a good thing in the end!


Virgo, we know you have a deep love for tailored classics. Rock two major spring trends this month with our Florentine Olive Paperbag Pants and our favorite Bambi White Crop Top. Finish off your look with our  Cece Natural Vegan Suede Heels.


Libra, you are going to be getting on top of your career ambitions and making some serious progress! This spring break, spend some time updating your  Linkedin, catching up with old colleagues, looking around the ‘we're hiring’ pages, and putting yourself in opportunity’s way. Something good is going to happen, and you deserve it Libra! 

Libra, we know you love both statement pieces and your go-to everyday basics. This month, wear a bit of each! Pair our Here To Stay Black Dress with our Carolina Tan Hat. We love it paired with our Groove With Me Snakeskin Cut-Out Booties
Scorpio babe! We heard you’re rethinking your long-term career path. More specifically, you’re wondering about returning to education  in some way to learn (or brush up on) new skills and knowledge. We all change course, along the way, and it’s never too late. This spring break, follow this thread, research your options, zoom in on what interests and inspires you. You can do anything you want, Scorpio! 

Scorpio! You're one of the most mysterious signs in the zodiac, and you take this quality into your style. Scorpios have an uncanny knack for being both put-together 24/7 yet still casual (how do you do it?!). The perfect example of this is our Blanca Snakeskin Satin Cami paired with our Vertigo Black Vegan Leather Pants, and a bit of drama with our Besos Black Strappy Heel



Sagittarius, you are in desperate need of a tropical vacation (we know, that's music to your ears). You've put in a lot of work to get you where you are now, and you deserve to take some time to reward yourself! Take work off, buy the plane ticket, and go for it! You are more than worthy to a good ol' fashioned spring break getaway! Safe travels, Sagittarius! 

Sag, feel free to jet off to your dream tropical location in our Shari Olive Ribbed Bodycon Dress and Weekend Platform Sandals! Oh, don't forget your Carolina Tan Hat while you de-stress on the beach! 

March is for mingling, Capricorn! While your calendar may already be packed with meetings, events and hangouts, make sure you're planning that much-needed vacation into all your busy plans! Whether you decide to take a mini road-trip or fly to Hawaii, you are sure to come back feeling inspired to share all your novel concepts with the world! Go show them your magic! 

Capricorn, use a bit of that extra confidence and try something new this spring break! Try out one of spring's hottest trends in our Call You Later White Satin Cami, and pair it with a tried and true classic like our Do It Right Distressed Jean. Finish off your spring-babe look with our Dream It Beige Raffia Heels


March is a big month for you, Aquarius! Let's just say, you’re headed for a major reset of some of your biggest goals. The question is... can you dream even bigger? This spring break, spend some time journaling and really re-think your goals. Can they be even bigger and better? Can they involve someone else? You really can do it all, Aquarius! Keep dreaming! 

Aquarius, try experimenting with new lengths this spring break with our Kai Black Coconut Button Tie-Front Romper paired with our Weekend Platform Black Sandals. This month, use your personal style to soak up the much-deserved attention, Aquarius! And don't forget your Bonham Straw Hat