Trending: Pretty in pink! From mauve dresses to coral tops, Shop Priceless has beautiful shades and styles that meet every girl’s dream! Find out below what May has in store for you and which pink outfit should be your go to this month.
Happy Birthday Taurus! This is your month! Try something new this season, whether it be a weird food, fun hobby, or meeting new people, we know you will not regret it. Jump out of your comfort zone babe and discover new things about yourself! You will be amazed what joy and confidence this will bring to your life!
Lace Bralette | Womens
This is the Priceless outfit for you this month, Taurus. A simple white tee and a pink lace bralette, paired with cozy paperbag shorts and simple accessories. This will be the perfect combo for your many adventures this month.
You may feel like all you are hearing lately is gossip. Whether positive or negative (is gossip ever positive though?), don’t let it shake your core. Sometimes the best practice is to listen and learn, but not necessarily act. Instead, Gemini, find things this month that brings in positive energy, like naps or buying a whole new outfit from Priceless. Look to life’s simple pleasures to find your zen with all the commotion and gossip going on around you.
Pink Dress | Womens
This is the Priceless outfit for you this month, Gemini. It is time to enjoy the happy things in life, and nothing says happy like a flowy pink dress and wedges!
Feeling the urge to make a change lately? We’re feeling it at Priceless too. This is not just any change, but it feels like a huge weight on your shoulders. I know what you’re thinking, but sometimes taking this leap and just going for it is easier than you think. We hate change because it's the unforeseen future- we don’t like feeling out of control. However, being brave and making this dawning change this month is exactly what you Cancers need. It will lead to a reward in your future.
Tie-Front Pants | Womens
This is the Priceless outfit for you this month, Cancer. A big change is coming your way, and it is time to be brave and face it. Add a staple to your Spring closet, like a pair of pink paperbag pants and a net purse.
Leos, you are naturally in your head A LOT. March is the time to take full advantage of that. I want you to manifest your dreams or desires this month. The positive attitude of never-ending “I can do its” and “I am strongs” will guide you to what you really want this month. Be committed, and be positive that chasing your dreams, no matter the immediate sacrifice, will give you the satisfaction you deserve.
Lace Cami | Womens
This is the Priceless outfit for you this month, Leo. Chasing your dreams and staying committed require a classic pink satin lace cami paired with denim and black block heels!
Last month was a rocky month for you, and there may be things that are lingering. Maybe it was a choice you made that didn’t get you to where you want to be, or maybe it was an opportunity passed up. First things first, I want to tell you that regret is a choice. That feeling you can’t shake, the constant “what ifs” and “could haves” you keep telling yourself—cut it out! If you want to move on and look to the future then leave the past in the past. May is here to welcome new beginnings if you can let go of regrets and things that are long gone.
Coral Crop Top | Womens
This is the Priceless outfit for you this month, Virgo. No regrets! Be bold with a pop of coral pink in your outfit, paired with a white skort. Snakeskin heels are a plus!
Get ready for no sleep and black feet! Well, maybe let’s not run around the town barefoot. A cute black stiletto will do you just as good. This month, you are getting out and enjoying some company. You’ve been craving to do this for awhile and this is the time. Look to your left, and look to your right. Grab a group of friends and try a new restaurant or bar, put a twist on a recipe you found, do something out of the ordinary and set your soul on fire!
Pink Romper | Womens
This is the Priceless outfit for you this month, Libra. You are getting out on the town this month, and you need a romper that shows your sweet and sexy personality coming through. This pink layered romper and nude heels will do the trick!
Love is in the air this May! Relationships have always been a priority for you, but this month is all about prioritizing the positives in your love life. Something new is coming this month that is going to change a relationship for the better. However, without a positive mindset, change can never come welcomed. Be open-minded to new things, and see the love blossom.
Pink Mini Dress | Womens
This is the Priceless outfit for you this month, Scorpio. Let romance take you to a whole new level of outfits. Opt out of the usual red or black! This pink striped mini dress is the ultimate date night fit for you this month.
The last few months may have felt like you’re on a standstill. Like no matter what you do, nothing is taking off or moving in the right direction. While sometimes the stars have a long term plan in mind for you, there is one thing you can control to help take the edge off a slow-moving season. Sagittarius, love, let that tight bun down and live a little. You sometimes take yourself too seriously, and then other parts of your life fall by the waist side. Have some fun this month and relieve some stress!
Coral Crop Top | Womens
This is the Priceless outfit for you this month, Sagittarius. The challenge for you this month is relaxing and relieving stress. A pink crop top, simple skirt, and a woven purse are perfect for those beach days ahead!

Usually, around this time, we start to feel a bit stir crazy. We’re tired of cold weather and staying inside in a confined space. This is natural, Capricorn, to feel a yearning to explore and shake it up a little. The challenge for you this month is to really dive into that feeling and find your inspiration. What drives you every day? Is it love, or success, or maybe harmony? What do you believe in and want to contribute to? What life or role do you wish to lead? Answer these questions before making any sudden moves.
Embroidered Skirt | Womens
This is the Priceless outfit for you this month, Capricorn. You are going to be doing a lot of pondering and focusing on your goals. Stay goal oriented in this floral embroidered skirt, perfect for work or play!
There’s an old saying, “a watched pot never boils.” Although this may often be applied to cooking pasta, it is also true this month for you, Aquarius. From the looks of it, somewhere in your love life or area of passion, you are pushing really hard to make something happen. But as the saying goes, it's when you shift your attention that things suddenly start to come full circle. Focus elsewhere, and have faith that something is coming along for you very very soon.
Pink Sweater | Womens
This is the Priceless outfit for you this month, Aquarius. Take your mind off of love, and go for more comfy practical outfits. The Priceless collection of lace bralettes and sweaters are exactly what you need to still look cute, but low-key.
You’ve got a lot on your plate right now, Pisces. Maybe too much. Although a go-getter attitude is not a bad one, sometimes it leaves us little to no room to move. We overbook ourselves to the point of exhaustion and sometimes need to take a step back and plan our time out a little better. In March, take some time to weed out the things that can wait. Leave a little room for fun and play and you’ll find you can still achieve everything you want to without overdoing it.
Coral | Off The Shoulder | Womens
This is the Priceless outfit for you this month, Pisces. The challenge for you this month is not overbooking yourself. Pair a coral pink crop top with jeans and white accessories!
Projects can be a good thing. Although they usually come with a lot of hard work and commitment, they always bring us something good in return. Get ready for a challenge this month, Aries. You are about to embark on a new journey, a passion project if you will, and it is the perfect time for you to do so. Look for something that requires your personal expertise, something that just feels perfect for you. Make room for it in your life, and it will bring you to new places you have never been to before.
Pink | Tie-Front Pants | Womens
This is the Priceless outfit for you this month, Aries. If there’s one thing you need to pack in your bag for your passion project this month, it’s a pair of blush pink tie-front pants! Pair with a simple white crop top and your favorite sandals.
Madeline Phillips