The season we've all been waiting for, summer is upon us! Time to break out your denim shorts & strappy sandals! 😍 Coming from super sunny AZ, we LOVE the heat! To keep you cool during the warmer months, we've picked out a cute crop top to go with your monthly horoscope! I know you're looking forward to seeing what May has in store for you, so read on!

- Piper Shae 💋


Connect with old friends this month! You may find yourself spending time with someone who hasn't been around you much recently, but this is something to celebrate! You are expanding your social circle and making meaningful connections this month, so enjoy it!


People are drawn to you because of your creativity and good ideas. Use this to do some good in the month of May! Whether you're volunteering your time to a good cause, or just organising your friends to come together for a reunion, you'll be putting positive vibes into your universe.


This month will bring you a new sense of authority. You'll be surprised what speaking your mind can do for you! Use this new found power to accomplish something you've been procrastinating. If you use your power right, your friends and family will be willing to help you achieve your goals.


It's Taurus season! You will find yourself feeling totally energized this month. Don't let this new found energy and passion go to waste; do something new that stimulates your heart. You'll find that your less than interesting relationships will turn around for the better!


You may be feeling stuck in a rut, Gemini. Adding a change to your daily routine could be the perfect kick you need to get some good momentum going for this month! Don't let your routine get the best of you!


Things might get turned upside down in your work like, but trust me, it's for the better. Once everything has cleared up, you'll be in a better place than you were previously! Hold on tight and stick to your skills and you'll make it out to the other side.


Opportunity is in the air for you, Leo! You may get the chance to check something off your bucket list this month. Don't hesitate to jump in! Take chances and trust that luck is on your side.


Those around you may be struggling this month, but lucky for them, you have all the answers. Don't give out your wise advice freely; let your friends come to you when they need. They'll be grateful for your time and lending hand.


Love could find you in an unexpected way. Accept it with open arms! It may seem too go to be true, but trusting in one another will reveal how amazing things can really be. If you're already in a relationship, prepare for things to get grander than ever before!


Don't get involved in pointless drama this month. You can let the outside world amuse itself this month. Instead, treat yourself a couple times this month! Those you love will love that you are taking time for yourself.


This month will bring you a new hobby! You might find yourself seeking thrills, and this hobby will be the perfect solution. Enjoy doing something new and something for yourself for once! 


Prepare to have a productive month! Your friends will look to you as an influential member and ask you to make big decisions. Don't let the power get to your head, but enjoy seeing your loved ones enjoying what you are passionate about. 

Piper Shae



— Alexandra Petropulos