It’s 2021 and the new essential accessory is a face mask. Fashionistas have taken this to a whole new level by making masks fashionable and functional from the variety of styles you can shop from featuring prints and patterns, chain accents, bold colors, embellishments, etc. Our favorite masks are the ones that let you express yourself and protect yourself. Keep reading to find out more about the fan-favorite mask that went viral!

The Mask Everyone is Raving About!

All smiles for our best-selling face mask that sells out in minutes! Our Smiley Print Face Covering consists of soft, breathable, and washable fabric. Great for everyday wear and seriously the perfect mask to make you feel and look your best. Have a smile on your face all day long even if it's covered up!

As Seen On....

It's even breaking the internet! Influencers such as @annaxsitar and @gabidaiagi have been raving about this mask on Instagram and Tik Tok, and even keep multiples on hand so they can wear on repeat! Make sure you sign up for restock alerts so you can try one for yourself!

How to Style: Everyday Looks!

Find a variety of ways to wear this happy mask for the Spring season ahead. Since this is the perfect everyday mask to wear during the week, keep it casual and pair with all your 'Priceless Basics.' Pastel pops of color are about to be HUGE this year, you'll want to keep things simple and light so stick to styling with any solid crop tank tops or bodysuits.