Which Cozy Sweater Matches Your Sign?! | November Horoscope

November has arrived babes (*insert praise hands). October was a bit unbalanced,  don't you think? Last month was filled with planetary movements which weren't all bad but a sis is glad to start fresh this month. With that being said, fall is starting to transition into winter and we are ready for some Netflix & Chill nights, free of drama and snow. Or are we? Check out your November horoscope below as well as a cozy sweater to fit your sign's mood for this month!

Hey there, Birthday Girl! This month is all about you and the universe is showing it. The sun's in your court for the next few weeks so make sure to keep your eyes open to new opportunities. Remember this month that the light will be showcasing things in your life that already exists so this is your time to pursue that special item on your list that you have been putting off. You want it all Scorpio? Go get it!

November Monthly Horoscope

This is your cozy sweater based on your sign, Scorpio. Reflect your wild side with the Melrose Leopard Sherpa Pullover and No Limits Black Boots. You deserve to stand out!


Congrats Sagittarius! This has been such a great year for you. Remember to always listen to your intuition and not lose sight of what matters most. It's a solar return which means certain things that you haven't had clarity on will soon come into fruition this month. A particular event may cause your emotional balance to shift, so stay positive and embrace your vulnerability. Get ready because it's your time to enjoy a newfound inspiration this month.

November Monthly Horoscope 

This is your cozy sweater based on your sign, Sagittarius. What better way to show off your simply flawless year than with the Meet Me Mustard Colorblock Knit Sweater and Cordelia Black Corduroy Skirt. Get ready to slay the day babe!



Are you ready to finally connect the dots? Because there are some major changes that are about to occur for you, Capri. Trusting your instinct this month will help connect these dots. There is a huge love presence in the air, but make sure to ask yourself, "Are they the one?" Stay present and be aware of your surroundings, because secrets may arise this month that catch you a little off guard. This is OK with you because the truth always comes out. Trust yourself and everything else will follow. 

November Monthly Horoscope

This is your cozy sweater based on your sign, Capricorn. Less is more doesn't always have to mean you can't look totally cute. In the Snowstorm Tan Sherpa Pullover Jacket, you'll be feeling all the cozy vibes while staying on-trend. 



This is a month of reflection for you Aquarius. Some things may resurface from your past, so do your best to have a clear mind even with all the things going on around you. The Full Moon is on a mission this month, so you will sense a different perspective and will want to make a change. You are ready to branch off and expand your network. Whether that is with friends, family, clients, coworkers there are new relationships building on the horizon. You go you social butterfly!

November Monthly Horoscope

This is your cozy sweater based on your sign, Aquarius. You are always on the go which means the Macie Heather Grey Knit Cardigan is your best friend. Casual and cozy, while still lookin' cute as always!



Your intuition is part of you, an asset. This year has been a huge growing curve for you, Pisces. Take this as an opportunity to showcase and connect with this new side of you and use it to your best advantage. During this time, remember to stay loyal and careful to whom you share information with. Karma is at its highest with you right now so be mindful. Success is coming full force into your life and those goals you've been chasing will have you in it for the long haul. Buckle up and don't forget, you got this!

November Monthly Horoscope

This is your cozy sweater based on your sign, Pisces. With new insight and ever-changing situations this cozy and vibrant Tanna Colorblock Knit Sweater and Count On It Medium Wash Distressed Skinny Jeans you'll be ready for whatever life throw at you. 


This month has is forecasted to bring in major success in terms of money and wealth. *Adds everything to cart. Even though financially things may come into place, be sure to not overspend and think about the future when swiping that credit card. There are other ways you can invest your new wealth, Aries. The changing of the seasons is a great time to further pursue your creativity and curiosity. At the end of the day, go for whatever sets your soul on fire. 

November Monthly Horoscope

This is your cozy sweater based on your sign, Aries. The Missing You Distressed Colorblock Sweater reflects your bright future and ability to look and feel fabulous while conquering the world. 

We know Taurus' love the holidays because they are able to surround themselves with everything that makes them happy: lots of food, gifts, and of course loved ones. Take this time to find what keeps you centered and if that's playing cards with your grandpa and eating a whole pecan pie... then that's OK. You do you Taurus! We applaud you and your kind heart, that why this month you should take some time to redirect your focus to giving back, however you see fit. Time to let go of all the extra emotional baggage and get connect with that bright and fetch identity of yours. 

November Monthly Horoscope

This is your cozy sweater based on your sign, Taurus. Get in the holiday spirit with the perfect Love Poems Off The Shoulder Knit Sweater, Presley Dark Grey Plaid Skort, and Midnight City Black Thigh High Boots. This will keep you cozy while looking fabulous!


Your emotions will start to reflect your growth in the best way possible so make sure to stay connected, Gemini. We know you love to talk and vent but try to process your words and feelings alone before telling someone something they may not need to know. You get what you give and you'll be rewarded by overcoming these battles internally. The imbalance won't last long because, at the end of the month, a vibrant energy will come into place. Maybe this is the time to pursue that special someone? Be fearless Gemini!

November Monthly Horoscope

This is your cozy sweater based on your sign, Gemini. Reflect that new energy with the Wonder Girl Sweater and Channing Burgundy Button Skirt. You'll be ready for love and a new chapter by looking flawless. 

Take a moment to reflect on makes you you, Cancer. It's important to know who is worth your time and who isn't, so is time to say "Buh bye!" to those who aren't helping you thrive as you should. Has this got you feeling lonely, Cancer? Well not for long! In the weeks to come, you'll start to feel multiple aspects of all your relationships grow and become more connected. Your month can be full of adventure and self-love if you allow it to, so go out and get after it!

November Monthly Horoscope

This is your cozy sweater based on your sign, Cancer. For those adventures that you need the soft but totally cute Sleepy Sunday Heather Grey Oversized Top and Georgette Taupe Plaid Blanket Scarf. Take a chance on yourself Cancer, you deserve it. 


Good things come to those who wait, Leo, and you have been very patient. Stay on this mindset and this month is about to get crazier than the last but in a good way. Get ready to thrive within your career this month and be picky about the things you devote yourself to. Embrace that new found confidence and energy to be spontaneous. Stay centered and try not to overthink anything, let's be honest Leo everyone is loving on you lately. It's time to keep your options open for new changes in your love life. Whether that is with a present partner or meeting a new one. The end of the month is full of all the heart eyes for you, Leo!

November Monthly Horoscope

This is your cozy sweater based on your sign, Leo. Tune into that new love chapter with the Make It Last Brick Bubble Knit and No Limits Black Boots. If you fall, we'll catch you, Leo!

It's the beginning of a new 12-year cycle for you Virgo, which means your creativity blocks are finally clearing up. Yay! In the weeks to come, you will find some much-needed inspiration and your thoughts will finally come into fruition during the Full Moon; but be selective with who you share your ideas with until after! Get ready for a love-filled ending to this month. With the combo of new inspiration and warm emotions, make sure to dive into friends, family, and all the delicious food this Thanksgiving. You deserve it Virgo, and you're going to need it!
November Monthly Horoscope

This is your cozy sweater based on your sign, Virgo. The bright and vibrant colors of the Holland Colorblock Oversized Knit Sweater reflects your strength and inspiration and how it all finally falls into place. 



You have control over your own life, Libra! You are doing you and it is seriously showing. A lot has happened that has led you to where you are today which is EMPOWERING AF. Even though you may feel overwhelmed at times, make sure to take a step back and remember that it's okay to ask for help. With this new confidence, you are able to redirect your focus to what matters most. Whether it is your friends, family, or maybe your dog, take the holidays to relax and let yourself feel accomplished while being surrounded by loved ones. Plus nothing says "Congrats for your hard work!" like pumpkin pie.  

 November Monthly Horoscope

This is your cozy sweater based on your sign, Libra. Feel all the love in this Chelsea Blush Sherpa Coat and Trick Shot Black Vegan Suede Booties. The perfect combo to reflect that new attitude.


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