Can you believe it's already November? ūüćĀ¬†The holidays are right around the corner and whether that means nonstop family get-togethers or a fab Friendsgiving, we all have something to celebrate!ūüíē So to kick off the season, take a peek at your¬†November Horoscope written by¬†Heather Rose! Along with each astrological sign comes a little fall inspired outfit inspo!ūüćā
You may not be very close with your family but this month, you should definitely make a better effort to try. It can be easy to take your family's love for granted at times but that love won't always be there and it's best to appreciate it while it's still around. If you do, you'll learn things about your family that you wouldn't have learned before and you'll grow more respect for them than ever before. 
If you happen to be a bit of a perfectionist, try to loosen your reins this Thanksgiving. While you may just want the perfect family dinner, stressing over every small detail can put you and your family in quite a bad mood. Try to learn to relax and accept that not everything will go the way that you want and that's perfectly okay. 
Has work been a bit more stressful for you this month and you're just ready to pull out your hair? It can be easy to grumble when looking at the negative sides of your work but try to appreciate what you have and how far you've come. If you keep working hard and keep a positive smile, you'll see some good related to your work life, come your way this month. 
If there's anything for you to look forward to this month, Taurus, it'd be none other than the food. That's probably your favorite part of this month, all the turkey, and gravy that your heart desires. Put aside any diets or fitness regimen and just enjoy yourself for the day without a care. That stuffing is calling your name after all. 
Your sign is known for being a more expressive one and that's something you should put in the spotlight this month. Be thankful for your ability to socialize with ease and strike up a few conversations at your next Thanksgiving gathering. If you strike up enough, you may find a new best friend in the crowd without realizing it. 
Do you happen to be a hopeless romantic at heart, Cancer? Well, you'll be happy to know that there's a chance to come across a romantic encounter this month or if you're a cancer that's already taken, there will be a chance to brush up on your romantic side with your partner. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled or you may miss the opportunity for love. 
If you're asked to count your blessings this year, you may try to brush it off at first just to avoid sentiment. You have quite the big heart but it doesn't mean that you always want to show off your softer aside especially when family is in involved. It would be in your best interest this month though to be a bit more nostalgic and reminisce on past and fond memories with your family. 
You may have gone through an extremely difficult time these last few months, Virgo and you may not feel thankful at all. You may, in fact, be feeling quite bitter, feeling like you weren't dealt the best hand in life but try to look on the positive side and be thankful for the learning lessons that these situations bring. Try to stay hopeful this month and you'll soon see your luck changing in your favor. 
What you're thankful for this month is quite plentiful. You find happiness in almost everything around you and you're thankful for every moment in the day. Your positive mood doesn't just come from anywhere and it'd be best to share it with others around you; some may need a little extra cheer in their life lately. 
There's no denying that you may be a bit of a pessimist and tend to find things going wrong in life. You'll find that your tune will be different this month though when you see all the luck that will be coming your way. Be thankful for everything, especially the wealth that will befall you soon. 
There's almost no one as important to your life quite like how your friends are. They're practically your family and you're not quite sure what you would do if they weren't by your side. Make sure to express how much they mean to you, you may be pleasantly surprised by a few of their reactions and learn a few new things. 
There may be something you have your breath held for lately but you'll be pleased to know that it will all work out in your favor. Even if it's not how you were hoping, it will eventually turn out better than you could have hoped. Remember to count your blessings every day and try not to take anything for granted. 
Alex Petropulos