October is here, now let's spread the fall cheer! Time to carve those pumpkins, slip on a cozy sweater, and relax by the warm fire. The holidays are just beginning, the leaves are starting to change, and cooler weather is indeed upon us. Will your horoscope be sweet or spooky? 🎃 Find out now with your October Horoscope written by Heather Rose! Along with each astrological sign comes some fall festive outfit inspo 🍁
It seems like a party is in your horizon this month, Aquarius. Given that it's the month of Halloween, you can expect a spooky gathering with either your closest friends or maybe all new people. We recommend going as a superhero this year since they've been more popular than ever in the year of 2017 and you'll most likely be the talk of the party. Keep an open mind when socializing and you'll see great things come your way. 
It seems like the month of October is going to be quite a quiet one for you this year. Maybe you'll spend the holiday just watching scary movies or handing out candy to children in the neighborhood but there's no reason you can't have a great time still. Dress in a simple costume such as an all-black outfit and give yourself a simple face paint look of perhaps a skeleton or cat to really get in the mood. Invite over a few of your closest friend and don't forget to have a great time this month! 
You're going to be lucky in love this month, Aries, so make sure to keep an open eye. The person you'll come across will be a bit mysterious and it may be someone you won't expect but it will happen if you keep an open mind. It would be wise when you discover who it is, to invite them somewhere where you can show off a cute couple costume together. 
A little vacation is in your future so if things seem difficult now, try and relax knowing you'll soon get a break. While you may not be celebrating the holiday of Halloween, you can still partake in the other joys of the fall season. With the falling leaves and the autumn decorations, it's enough to put anyone in a good mood, especially on a trip. 
Get ready to be the center of attention soon, Gemini! Your confident side is going to come out a bit more this month and you're ready to make a statement to anyone you come across. Dress in an eye-catching outfit such as a Renaissance lady or queen and you'll surely gather attention wherever you go with your amazing costume. 
Are you perhaps in the mood to pull a few tricks this frightful month? Maybe your playful side has come out and you want to give a few of your loved ones a scare here or there. If so, the best costume would probably be something scary such as a clown or ghost so you can get maximum laughs from your trick. 
The month of October is the perfect time to do some party hopping and show off the unique costume that you've come up with. Maybe you would like to try the look of a fairy or pirate and you just want everyone to see the creative side that you have to you. Don't feel bad about wanting to show it off; you only get one month out of the year to really dress up so it's best to take advantage of it while you can! 
This is the perfect time for you to spend some family time with your loved ones and perhaps get a bit closer to them. You may just be in the mood to relax this month so it's the perfect time to just gather up your family and maybe watch a few scary movies with some spooky treats. Remember to always cherish these moments with your loved ones while you still have them. 
What month is better for candy than the month of trick or treating? Maybe you think you're a bit too old for the occasion but you can always dress up in a costume such as a witch or a vampire and have a little adventure with your friends. Tap into your child at heart and just have a wonderful time with your friends for the night like you use to in your younger years.
This is your month, Scorpio so make sure to take advantage of your position this October. It's your turn to plan something awesome for people to remember and you're ready to go all out for the occasion. You'll need a costume that's just as striking like a goddess costume to match the atmosphere of the event. Make sure to create one that keeps people talking until the next year! 
While actual vampires may not exist in our life, there can be different types of people that act just like one. A certain type that may be in your presence this month is energy vampires which are people that just cause you to feel drained constantly. Pick and choose your plans carefully this month so you don't end up wearing yourself out too quickly with these people around. Maybe also keep a clove of garlic on hand as well just to be on the safe side. 
You're ready to have a fun Halloween where you can just forget all of your troubles this year. Maybe you'll have a few fiery romances with some masked strangers or maybe you'll just have a great time casually bobbing for apples. Whatever you choose to do, make sure to relax and try not to stress. You've had a few rough months and you deserve the break, Capricorn. 
Brooke Wolfrom