In My Easter Bonnet: Hats That Will Complete Your Easter Celebration Look

Women's Easter hats are a springtime staple. You can spot floppy, beautifully designed hats at the park, on the promenade, and even at the grocery store. Hats represent one of the top spring 2019 trends, so why not put together an irresistible Easter outfit that includes a must-have hat? Take each hat trend and add your own personal style. That's what fashion is all about, isn't it? Priceless is here with a modern take on the springtime hat trend.


Floppy hat for the win!

Women's Easter Hats

A floppy women's Easter hat is the way to go this spring. The Out Of Town Woven Sun Hat is a picture of elegance. The style is subtle and understated, which means that you can wear the hat with practically anything, regardless of the color palette or the style of your ensemble. The open weave ensures that your profile will be sun-dappled anytime you're outside under the sun.


Roses, Roses, Everywhere

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Roses are everywhere in fashion right now, and it’s one of the sweetest spring 2019 trends. They appear on dresses, blouses, and a wide variety of accessories, including hats. The Love Blooms Hat in pink is a breathtaking example of the trend. The structure of the floppy silhouette is flawless. This is everything a floppy hat should be. The bright bloom of roses is the highlight, and the weave is perfection.


An Effortless Straw Hat

Women's Easter Hats

Straw hats are timeless and tasteful. Many women's Easter hats incorporate straw, but we're fans of the simplicity of the In The Sun Straw Hat. The frayed edges is a detail that doesn't take away from the classic shape of the hat and the thick black band acts as an accent to break up the colors! As it is, you can wear this hat with your beautiful Easter dress with denim shorts, a tank top, and shades.


Daydreaming in Spring

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Okay, the Daydreaming Floppy Hat doesn't exactly send the right message if you're sitting through an Easter service, but c'mon. However, everyone will appreciate you going back to the floppy hat trend, which is always a crowd favorite this time of year. As an added detail, the weave of the “Daydreaming” script is rose gold, a color that still tops the list of spring 2019 trends.


A Floral Fedora

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We're crazy for our A Day In The Garden Fedora. The floral band says “springtime” all over it and the on-point color palette allows you to piece together an outfit composed of complementary hues. The fedora is the perfect women's Easter hat and instead of wearing a dress, why not wear a fitted linen suit? A high waist pencil skirt with a tucked-in button up is a to-die-for option, too.

The Classic Black Hat

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Black hats aren't often seen around Easter, but we aim to change that because they're stylish as can be. Our retro-inspired Dakota Babe Hat is too cool to keep in the closet. This Easter hat will be sure to stand out and keep you looking and feeling cool! Pair it with a Boho chic maxi dress or a floral baby doll dress. Easter Sunday won't be the only day you wear this hat, either. Just picture it paired with jeans and a leather jacket.

Our women's Easter hats take the standard style to the next level. These hats are timeless as the sun comes out and we head out to play! A straw hat will come in handy at the beach, for example, and there's no way you can't find another occasion to wear a fab feminine fedora. Are you ready to hop aboard the hat express? Hats are somewhat divisive as a topic of fashion. What's your hot take—are you a hat girl or nah?

Marissa Whisman