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Looking to find your perfect summer style according to your sign? Well, look no further because we have gathered the best outfits for you based on your May horoscope. Now, these are not just any outfits, these are outfits from our Summer Fashion Week that we can absolutely not get enough of. From retro-inspired pieces to crochet pieces, and bright bold prints, these outfits are nothing short of trendy and stylish. Keep reading to find out what the stars have in mind for you, after all, it is fate!


Taurus, this month is all about finding some clarity. Your priority is getting grounded and kicking off a whole new chapter surrounding value- including material possessions, personal finances, and (you guessed it!) self-worth. Focus on what is important and breathe easier.
 Pennie White Crochet Dress


Taurus, we have the perfect summer dress that makes a statement! Our Pennie Ivory Crochet Dress is soft, sexy and cut out making the perfect vacy fit. If you want to add some drama, our Izzie Lime Heels are the way to go! 

Get ready for some changes, Gemini! Everything feels weird right now, but don’t forget that the sun is quite literally shining for you. This is your month, step into the spotlight and glow- you deserve to shine! Seek a new path, change your daily routine, and look for new ways to get a fresh start. 
Feeling outfit indecisive? Put on our Inspired Floral Romper for the ultimate cool-girl look! Pair with our Balanced Chunky Raffia Heels to complete the look! 
Cancer babe, don’t be surprised if you feel extra intuitive this month. These are your truest senses at their finest. Pay attention to the psychic information you receive, and see if it leads you to ways to help others needing some clarity. You've got this, psychic babe! 
Pink Set


A set that's just as sweet as you are! Cancer, you are in need of our Coastal Breeze Top and Coastal Pink Shorts. It is the perfect stand-out set for your summer wardrobe!

Shine on, Leo! You may not always have the words to describe your feelings, so this is a wonderful time to lean into your creative gifts: music, dance, and painting are all terrific ways to express your complex feelings. You have all you need to succeed, Leo! 
Love Me Dress
After all that hard work, you deserve a little treat for yourself, Leo! Our Lover Like Me Crochet Dress makes the perfect look for a summer date night or even a GNO! Add something a little extra (just like you!), like the Izzie Pink Heel!
Hey Virgo! This month is going to have a radical impact on your life, highlighting the areas connected to success, legacy, and reputation. Will you start a new job? Enjoy a promotion? Become the next Beyoncé? Anything is possible (and, ahem, Beyoncé is also a Virgo). Only time will tell, Virgo babe.  
Denim White Short Look
Virgo, we know you have a deep love for classics. Rock this major summer classic trend this month with our Pia Camel Top and Rue Paper Bag Shorts. Finish your look off with our Sailor Tan Belt


Libra, this month expect some massive transformation to occur within your friend group. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing! Open new doors by closing others and although adjustments aren’t always easy, these positive changes will lead you exactly where you need to go. Something good is going to happen, and you deserve it Libra! 
Printed Dress
Libra, we know you love simple sweet moments. This month, wear this classy combo all in one look! Style the Kinsley Black Floral Dress with our Maeve Black Heels to achieve this soft look!
Scorpio babe! This month shifts your perspective, focusing not just the parts of you that you’ve “figured out,” but those that are messy and unfinished. Remember: it is only through the darkness that we can see the stars. You’re not magic in spite of your complexities- you’re magic because of them! 
Shorts Outift
Scorpio! You're one of the most mysterious signs in the zodiac, and you take this quality into your style. Scorpios have an uncanny knack for being both put-together 24/7 yet still casual (how do you do it?!). Wear our Seraphina Top with our Rue Paper Bag Shorts and complete your look with the Maeve Beige Heels!
Sagittarius, you love to remind people about your inspiring, adventurous spirit! But against the backdrop of a global pandemic, you’ve felt a bit stuck. You want to travel! Soon, you’ll discover that you don’t need a passport to embark on an exciting adventure: the most important discoveries actually take place on an interpersonal level, in the ways you connect with others. Stay the course, Sagittarius.
Red Dress 
Sag, feel free to jet off to your dream tropical location in our Lovers Red Dress! Oh, and don't forget your Lola Wedges to complete your vaycay fit! 
You’re a “big picture” person, Capricorn! This means you’re less concerned about how things get done- you just want them to get done. Soon you’ll learn that the process is an extremely important part of the product. In many ways, this is going to feel like a breath of fresh air for you and bring change to virtually every area of your life. Go show them your magic! 
Shorts Outfit
Capricorn, use a bit of that extra confidence and try something new this summer! Try out one of the summer's hottest trends in our Chloe Crochet Crop Top. Finish off your summer-babe look with our Lola Wedges
June is a big month for you, Aquarius! You’ve been tapping into your creativity like never before. Yes, these times are strange, scary, and uncertain, but as an Aquarius, you’re a natural innovator. Against the backdrop of such intense times, you can catch a glimpse of a brighter tomorrow. Keep being a light in this world, Aquarius! 
Gingham Dress 
Use your personal style to soak up the much-deserved attention, Aquarius! Our Remy Gingham Dress is the cutest dress perfect for summer picnics, just add our Maeve Beige Heels . 
Pisces babe! Even the most “down to earth" Pisces feels torn between two worlds, which is why this upcoming month is going to be major for you. You’re going to find new ways of fusing all your parts into a beautiful, comprehensive whole. This journey is just beginning, so be extra mindful of any important happenings at the beginning of the month- they're setting the stage for what’s to come.  
Black Dress
The perfect summer romper for a day exploring you favorite places, Pisces! Our Tatum Black Romper is THE romper of the season! Add on our Laguna Hat to finish off your look!  
Aries babe! This month will spark life-changing realizations surrounding community and connection. Will there be massive shifts within your friend group? Will you move? Go back to school? Only time will tell! During this time, these events are setting the stage for a major transformation. You can handle anything, Aries! 
Better Multi Top
Aries, we know bright colors are kinda your thing. We've got you covered this summer with the hottest top, our Better Crochet Top! Wear our  Chunky Raffia Heels to complete the look! 

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