The end of summer may be near, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be enjoying our last couple months of endless sunshine and golden tans. Hang on to those summer memories and let your worries wash away with the ocean tide. Seek happiness, give infinite love and pursue your passions. Discover your August Horoscope written by Heather Rose, and see what possibilities await 😌


You happen to be part of the air element and it shows in your personality quite a bit. The characteristics that follow it will help influence your days events quite a bit. You can be distant and detached but also quite social at times. Make sure to play on the strengths of your element.

Because of the element of your horoscope, you tend to be emotional and moody especially when you're around others that are experiencing strong feelings. You know how to tap into your inner voices and you use your intuition to help guide you. This will be quite important in the days to come so make sure you're focusing on it.  

There are times you happen to be impulsive and impatient because of the fire element that surrounds you, Aries. This month though, it may be best to try and pull back those parts of you in order to focus on a more positive August. Try to be more confident and patient and see what will happen for you in the next few weeks.

Earth surrounds you Taurus and that element will play a pretty big part in the upcoming weeks. You will need to be grounded and practical in order to deal with what's coming your way. It may seem daunting at first but as long as you keep a level head, you should be able to come out stronger than ever.

You have a lot on your mind this month, Gemini and just like the characteristics of your element, you'll be feeling a bit more distant and aloof. It's easy to get lost in yourself but try not to let it happen. Someone close to you will be reaching out to you and it'd be in your best interest to let them.

Just like the water of your sign, you'll be feeling more compassionate than usual this month. It'll probably feel like more people are coming your way for help and while it may be a bit frustrating, it would do you good to help them out. Lending a hand to those in need will teach you something about yourself this month that you probably didn't realize.

Your talent and fiery passion will be on full display this month. It'd probably help you out quite a bit to dig down deep into your inner element of fire and use all that energy and confidence to help fuel the next few days. You're going to be doing things that you never imagined possible before.

Because of your earth element, you tend to usually be the reliable one but that's not what is needed this month. Instead of helping others, you're going to have to rely on someone else for a vulnerable situation. You may be the type to keep it to yourself and try to figure it out alone but try and rely on this person, it'll surprise you quite a bit.

This month will be a matter of the heart for you, Libra. Because of your air element, you may be feeling a bit more flighty this month and may want to run away from your problems but doing so will only create more issues. It'd be best for you to dig down deep and truly look at yourself. You already know the answer to your problem.

While you may not believe fully in the spiritual and psychic side of things, this month you may be more inclined to do so. Your water sign causes you to be more in-tune to your emotions than usual but something will happen soon that will challenge quite a few of your beliefs. Keep your eyes open to see exactly what's going to come your way.

You may have a fiery spirit because of your signs element but try to tone it down this month. You're butting heads with someone rather close to you and a part of you would like to take it out on them but that will only cause more of a headache. Try and be at peace and mend the tide between you two.

You're going to get some surprising news soon Capricorn and just like your sign's element, it'll do you good to try and stay grounded. It'll be news that will probably shake your whole entire world and catch you by surprise. Stay calm though and you can probably learn quite a few good things from it.

With each astrological sign, comes some summer outfit inspo. Soak up the sun and make the best of these last summer months to come ☀️



Brooke Wolfrom