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The Perfect Quarantine Activity: Homemade Cards

We have all been staying home and distancing ourselves from friends and family in an effort to flatten the curve, but that also means we’re missing out on spending quality time with our loved ones. Since this year is looking a little different than usual, finding creative ways to spend time together is key! We've put together a super easy tutorial to make your own hand-made cards to send to all your favorite people! It's the perfect way to show you are thinking of someone, even if there is some distance. 

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Here's What You'll Need...

  • any kind of paper of your choice
  • watercolor paint + brushes
  • colored pens, stickers, or anything to make it fun! 


Start by cutting your paper into your desired card size! I opted for a white card to paint, and a green card to draw on! 


Get creative with your art! Painting with watercolors is my favorite since it's so accessible, and easy to get the hang of! Feel free to mix colors together, and blend together on the card for a cool blurred effect! 


Add a few notes or designs to the front and you're all set! This is such a cute and unique way to feel connected, and make sure your loved ones know you're really thinking of them! 

We hope this little at-home tutorial was helpful! Spread the word by posting your card and tag @shoppriceless! We'd love to hear from you. Comment below if you have any questions or just want to leave us a note! XOXO, babes!


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