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10 Trendy Hairstyles Perfect For Summer

Bored in the house? Us, too. We decided 2020 is the year to finally break out of routine and learn how to master those difficult hairstyles, like french braids or some elevated pigtails! These looks are perfect for a hot summer day, a fun date night, or just a simple chill day in the house. And whether you are in a style rut or not, these creative hairstyles will get you pumped about doing your hair every single day. Goodbye quarantine blues! 

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Tired of your regular pigtails? Swap them out for some bubble-pigtails! Place your hair in two low ponytails, then take your elastic bands and create a pouf every 3-4 inches down your secured ponytail. Add an accessory and boom! You're done!


Looking to add a carefree vibe to your look? We got you, babe! Messy hair with a scarf is the most effortless hairstyle of them all! Just grab your fave scarf, shake out your hair, and embrace this super cute look!


Everyone probably knows all about the braided high ponytail! Adding a braid to a regular ponytail makes the pony a little less dull and way more stylish! Just place your hair in a ponytail (messy or sleek) and then braid the rest of your hair down. Effortless and chic!  



This look is perfect for festivals, date nights, and brunch (pretty much everywhere)! Split your hair and braid both sides down to your neck. Then secure both braids with a hair tie and leave the ends of your hair loosely out. You can even add a scarf to your hair tie to add some extra chic-ness! 


This look is perfect for those who don't want to do too much to their hair, but still want to look cute and put together! Just gather all of your hair behind your head, twist your hair, and secure with a hair clip. We've been finding comfort in having this pretty go-to hairstyle in mind for all our future lazy days! 


Ready to get a little daring? Try adding some hair jewelry into your normal everyday looks! We love adding some rings to a solo hair braid, or adding to multiple braids! We also love incorporating the friendship bracelet trend (yes, homemade friendship bracelets are in again) to this super edgy look. 


This style is more complicated than others but is still pretty simple if you have the ability to braid. French braids are so cute, practical, and simple! Just braid your hair on both sides of your head, place it into two low buns, and you are all set! 


The perfect, super simple look for summer! All you need are two barrettes of your choice. Part your hair on one side, and add your favorite accessory.  Or if you're indecisive, part your hair down the middle and wear any two of your choice! The possibilities are endless with this one. 


Finding ways to spice up a commonly worn bun can be hard. However, throwing on a cute and fashionable scarf will do just that! Create your normal, everyday bun and wrap a scarf of your choice around it! Pull out some hairs and live your best life, babe. 


This look is probably the most simple of them all: just add flowers! This look is our favorite for photo opportunities or picnic dates. We recommend starting with one flower, and add on as you see fit. Have fun with this one, babes! 

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