Which accessory eclipsed the notorious flower crown at Coachella this year? Bandanas! However, this hot add-on will likely have a longer lifespan than its predecessor. Why? It's unisex. Girls and guys alike were seen hopping on the Western-inspired trend by sporting this extra to their outfits. And it's also much more practical. Use it as a headband to keep your locks out of your face while you're dancing up a storm! And no need for a bulky towel, this baby will mop up all that sweat! It's also a great way to keep you from breathing in all the dirt and debris when the wind picks up! And when it's not serving any of those purposes, just wrap it around your neck in the meantime.

Stay tuned for our upcoming how-to video on the 9 different ways you can sport the bandana! Get them here and check out our inspo below!

Top | Choker | Bandana | Jeans | Booties

Top | Bandana

Top | Bandana | Shorts | Sneakers

Top | Choker | BandanaSunglasses | Jeans | Sneakers

Top | Shirt | Bandana

Top | BandanaNecklace | Shorts | Booties

Top | SunglassesBandana | Shorts | Booties | Wallet

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Alex Petropulos