Ring ring! The '90s called; they want their chokers back! In all seriousness, how crazy is it that this grunge-era fashion staple is cool again? The choker is one heck of a comeback kid! Just like with the overalls, I'll admit I was a smidge hesitant to jump on the "everything old is new again" bandwagon. But now, I just can't get enough! The obsession is real, folks. Isn't it funny how a trend can go from being "out there" to "everywhere" in a nanosecond?

Fortunately, we have so many cute and affordable chokers here at Shop Priceless! And no, they're not replicas of the old relics we used to buy for a quarter from a gum ball machine. Ugh, as if! (Any '90s babies out there know what I'm talking about?) I'm obviously kidding, I dig those tattoo necklaces, and personally own one! How can you not be totally buggin' over the rocker chic vibes from these chokers though? They add an instant edge to any outfit!

See my top five favorite (and under $10!) Shop Priceless chokers below!

Peace Out Choker in Gold


Heart Full Of Soul Choker


Tree Away Choker


Shotgun Shell Choker  

Which choker necklace is your favorite? Is this fashion trend your friend or foe? Let us know in the comments below! (I'm a poet and I didn't even know it!)


Justine Searle