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Which Holiday Dress Matches Your Sign? | December Horoscope

Baby, it's cold outside! December has arrived and you know what that means... a month full of hot chocolate, green and red outfits and decorating with a bunch of glitter! This month you'll find yourself opening up about your dreams and certain ambitions. That's okay, let it happen. In the meantime, December is the last month of 2019 so make sure to finish strong and set yourself up for 2020 because you deserve it. Since Christmas and the New Year are right around the corner, what better way to get a head start than to find out what Shop Priceless holiday dress best matches your sign? Scroll and read on to find out!

There is some serious fortune in your future, Sagittarius. This month offers you the opportunity to excel in a new job and/or financially. In order to take full advantage of what's to come, it is important to know your worth, focus on what's truly important and make sure to stay present in every moment. Time management is a must this month for you!

Holiday Dresses

This is your holiday dress based on your sign, Sagittarius. Dress like the boss babe you are with the Selena Red Satin Dress. A sexy and flirty addition to your elevated holiday wardrobe! 


Get ready for some really big things, Capricorn! You will be getting a huge cosmic boost in correlation to achieving those goals and creating your own opportunities. Make sure to come back to your core and look inward. You are smarter than you think the answer to a very important question may already be in your own playbook! Believe that you already have what it takes to meet your goals. If that is hard for you to grasp this month, stay positive! You will find the answer soon enough. 

Holiday Dresses  

This is your holiday dress based on your sign, Capricorn. You have what it takes, babe! Now all you need is a sexy satin dress to match your glowing core. The Star Stuff Champagne Satin Mini Dress is the answer to all your problems! What better way to pop some bubbly than slipping on this cute lil number. 


Though you may have been spending a lot of time behind the scenes last month, you're ready for the spotlight this December, Aquarius. Get ready to shine and be noticed when it comes to how you look and feel. Take this time to enjoy the attention you will be getting, and use it as momentum for something fun and new! This could be the month for a wardrobe makeover and a major upgrade to your style. Overall, as you grow so does your tastes and what better way to show off the new attitude with a rocking new fit. Don't forget, you come first this month, Aquarius!

 Holiday Dresses

This is your holiday dress based on your sign, Aquarius. Upgrade your holiday wardrobe with this flirty lil number. The Nightlight Glitter Mini Dress will have you ready to ring in the New Year and feel fab! 


Friendships and connections may shift durning the month of December, Pisces. While it can be hard to see old friends become distant, connecting with new friends is more on your priority list and it's precisely what you need. You're growing and those who surround you needs to grow, too. take after that famous Pinterest quote that goes something like, "Your vibe attracts your tribe!" So get out there and socialize! Trust us, this is the month to do it!

Holiday Dresses 

This is your holiday dress based on your sign, Pisces. Get social for the holidays with the Maxine Wine Wrap Mini Dress! A simple yet bold look is perfect for holiday parties, sexy December date nights or connecting with new faces out with the girls!


This month might bring so ultimatums when it comes to your career and ambitions, Aries. This could potentially mean a major change-up from where you are now, or this could stir up a completely new chapter for you. Either way, it's not about doing things the way they've always been done, Aires. It's time to change the game plan and doing things in a way that you create a challenge for you. We never like change, but most of the times we need to refresh our minds and it almost always means something good for the future. Keep your head clear, your heart open and the rest will follow. 
Holiday Dresses

This is your holiday dress based on your sign, Aries. Get ready to light up any room you go into this season! Adding a fun and standout holiday dress like the Like Magic Rose Sparkle Dress will add a shimmering girly vibe to your holiday wardrobe. Plus, we promise this dress will look amazing on you!


There is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in your future, Taurus. You have been deciding between two paths lately and now your road victory is finally in sight. Stay open-minded this month and embrace all the possibilities that lay before you rather than trying to play it too safe. If an opportunity at work or within a hobby presents itself, take it Taurus! Sometimes you have to take that risk. Let go of the "You Can't" thoughts and start believing in the "You Can."


Holiday Dresses

This is your holiday dress based on your sign, Taurus. To match your new-found opportunity this month, you're going to need a bold one-of-a-kind look going into the holidays. The Divina Green Satin Wrap Dress will be turning some major heads for the holidays and have you feeling like you can accomplish anything!


It's time for you to do some soul searching this month and be honest with some emotional healing or self-development you know you need to do. Take a step back this month, Gemini, and reflect. Where do your emotions lie in your personal relationships, stress levels, and health? However, do not overthink it, Gemini, as you usually do! This isn't about being hard on yourself, rather it's about forgiving and being more in touch with self-love. This can create connections and open doors where others can deeply love you, too!

Holiday Dresses

  This is your holiday dress based on your sign, Gemini. Time to get raw and realize how worthy you are! The Gigi Black Mini Open Back Bodycon Dress will have you dressed for success and ready to take on whatever is coming your way. Time to celebrate you, babe! 


Relationships, whether professional or personal, will be slightly shifted this month as you're asked to examine the quality of the ones who surround you. If you've been playing it safe when it comes to friends, family, or love, expect to be pushed out of your comfort zone through socializing and connecting with new people. It is also time to turn a casual relationship into something more by expressing those Cancer emotions of yours! Take a step back and look at everything. If there is someone in your life who is not bringing you joy, it's a hint to move on to something more positive. The opportunities will be there this month, Cancer!

Holiday Dresses 

This is your holiday dress based on your sign, Cancer. It's about quality, not quantity this December and that is exactly how you are going to feel in the Demeter Black Satin Mini Dress. It's a 10/10 for socializing because of its comfort, satin holiday design, and sexy shape. Get ready to celebrate the holiday season in a chic staple you can wear all year round.


Your health and well-being will be your first priority this month, Leo. It is time to start taking better care of yourself! Working on healing any unresolved emotions, getting rid of situations where you are consistently putting in more effort than you are receiving, and stop sacrificing at the expense of your own happiness. If you want to accomplish those goals Leo, you need to hold yourself accountable for your own fulfillment and believe in yourself. 

 Holiday Dresses

This is your holiday dress based on your sign, Leo. Glow from the inside out with the Divina Champagne Satin Wrap Dress. This timeless piece will have you feeling incredible no matter what the occasion. The tie feature lets you adjust how tight the dress is around your waist, and the plunging neckline adds a flirty look to a formal champagne satin dress. CHEERS! 

You're entering a 'stepping stone' period, Virgo, where whatever you choose to pursue can turn into something big. Your romantic life is full of chemistry, and your sense of self is becoming brighter than ever before. The only question that remains is- will you commit to the opportunity that life is presenting to you or will you ignore the signs? Hint: Don't ignore the signs. Trust your intuition this month Virgo and you will be rewarded for it!
Holiday Dresses

This is your holiday dress based on your sign, Virgo. Kick-off the New Year season with some love and red wine moods. Catch that special someone's attention in the Demeter Wine Satin Mini Dress. This satin holiday dress in wine is simple yet such a show stopper.


You are in a place of nostalgia this month, Libra! Love and loved ones are in the main priority for you at the moment. Your past has brought you t the place you are today, but keep in mind that making your past your future will only put you behind your own personal growth journey. Boom! Make sure to enjoy memories of the past but do not be afraid to create new memories, traditions, choose your family and make yourself a home. At the end of the day, it's about your life and what will help guide you in the path that you desire. 

Holiday Dresses

This is your holiday dress based on your sign, Libra. Make your mark in this effortless Heartbreaker Black Satin Bodycon Dress. This bodycon satin dress is a timeless piece that will take you from a fancy date night to a fun bar night with the girls! It's also super versatile, so style it with over the knee boots and a statement jacket, or a sophisticated blazer and black pumps for an office holiday party!


You are full of thoughts, ideas, and inspiration his month Scorpio, and it's possible for you to bring them to life. However, you may be challenged and forced to learn some new skills, gain a new perspective or connection in order to do so. Where are you not being openminded? Now's the time for you to take a step back and break down those barriers you've put in your own way. Go get 'em beautiful! 

Holiday Dresses  

This is your holiday dress based on your sign, Scorpio. Open your mind to new possibilities with the Maxine Black Wrap Mini Dress! Take your holiday parties or classy date nights up a notch this December with a simple yet stunning look perfect for this holiday season. It also makes for a chic NYE outfit! The long sleeves and plunging neckline are the perfect recipe for a winter chic dress that you will wear year after year. 

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