Brunch Outfits Based on Zodiac

Brunch days are the best days, can we all agree? A well-planned brunch at your favorite local spot or newfound love spot sets the tone for a fun-filled weekend. Whether you’re enjoying brunch with your girlfriends, boyfriend, friends, or family, we can agree that a good outfit is a must. Look no further for a top-notch fit because today we are sharing personalized brunch fits based on your zodiac. That’s right, your work here is done. Keep reading for your next brunch outfit based on your zodiac!

Pisces Outfit  
This casual yet still elevated look is the perfect brunch fit or you, Pisces! This denim corset has you written all over it. Style the Amanda Top with our Ethan Skirt to complete the look!
Aries Outfit
Aries cool, calm, and collected is totally you and this outfit serves just that! Wear this cool girl fit to your next brunch and you're set. Pair the Off Hours White Shacket with our Mindy White Top to complete this look!

 Taurus Outfit  
These florals are a new level of fun, Taurus! The primary colors combined to make this flirty pattern is so something you would wear. Plus, this is a set that can totally be mixed and matched with other styles in your current wardrobe! Style the Full Of Life Top and pair it with the Full Of Life Skirt to complete your next brunch fit!


Gemini Outfit 
Gemini, babe! This azure blue set is so your color and perfect for your next brunch fit. Take it up a notch with the Leigh Azure Blue Top and Diva Azure Blue Pants for your next brunch outing. This outfit will take you more places than just brunch!
     Cancer Outfit
Cancer this fit simply does the most while being so easy to wear. The Maggie Lightweight Jacket paired with our Daisy Bustier screams you. Brunch never looked better than in this outfit! 
Leo outfit
Leo girl, we are living for this monochrome moment and I hope you are too. Bring your flirty sweet side to brunch in the Anita Top and Gia White SkortYes, a skort to brunch is power move and while being so cute you can still feel comfortable. Just try not to spill on this one! 
   Virgo Outfit  
Easy, chic, fun, and of course, cute. How could you pass this up Virgo? A graphic sweater is totally trendy right now. Pair it with a basic bottom and accessorize with your favorite pieces and you're set for brunch! Style the Maggie Sweater with the Wren Skort to complete your next brunch fit!
Libra Fit
Libra, have you heard stripes are it for spring this season? Show your creative side and trend knowledge side at your next brunch by rocking the Silas Top and Johanna Jeans. After all, you are a trend trailblazer! 
Scorpio Outfit
A pop of color is a true Scorpio statement. Style our Daisy Bustier with our Hailey Blazer and Cody Shorts to complete your next brunch outfit. Minimalism with a flare is key to you Scorpio! 
    Sagittarius Outfit
You're a boss babe and you know it, Sag. Try something different from your normal brunch look by incorporating a hot pink blazer into your fit. Trust us, everyone will be asking where you got your fit. Style the Ariel Blazer with our Ronnie Top and Wren Skort to complete the look!

Capricorn Outfit

Capricorn, nothing looks as good as confidence feels...beside this outfit which will 100% have you feeling confident and looking goof! We know you love to stand out from the crowd so wear our Uma Bodysuit with our Wren Blazer and Skort to your next brunch outing!


Aquarius, there is nothing better than a chill brunch where you go maybe after having to much fun the night before just to recap with your girls! This is the outfit for you to wear next time you have a brunch like that. Style the Britta Top with the My Way Crewneck and Joggers and you're set!