Looking to find the perfect fall outfit according to your sign? Well, look no further because we have gathered the best autumn outfits for you based on your zodiac sign. Now, these are not just any outfits, these are outfits that embody all the trends from fall 2022. From traditional fall pieces to elevated fall pieces, these outfits are nothing short of chic and stylish. Keep reading to find out what the stars have in mind for you this October!

Libra, babe! This month is all about putting yourself first. Focusing on you is always the best option. As much as sometimes you want to make sacrifices for others, take a step back and think about you! October holds something special for you, you just wait!
    Use your creative style to soak up the much-deserved attention, Libra! Wear our Ellie ShacketBella Jeans, and Landon Boots for the ultimate autumn look!
This is your season, Scorpio! Lean into the light and let whoever and whatever follow your path. Your mysteriousness and creativity is what so many people admire about you. Use this month to celebrate you and do all the things that bring you joy!
Scorpio! You're one of the most mysterious signs in the zodiac, and you take this quality into your style. Wear our Too True Green Bodysuit with our Rhetta Skort and complete your look with our Landon Boots to show your mysterious side! 
Sag life is about to get good for you! Rekindling old relationships (no not your toxic ex) but with friends who have been absent for too long. Use this month to path the way for your best self. Life can be hard but don't let it get you down and never fall into the drama, it's not worth it!

Sag this fit is everything and more! Show your fashionista side this month wearing our Ashley Shacket, Brooklyn Jeans, and Too True Bodysuit!

Capricorn! This month is all about healthy boundaries. Finding a good balance between work, school, relationships, social life, etc can be hard but this month it will be worth it. Don't wear yourself out this month because Halloween comes with celebrations which you love.

Capricorn, use a bit of that extra confidence and try something new this fall! Try out one of the falls hottest trends; plum! Our Uma Plum Bodysuit and Remington Plum Blazer make the perfect color combo. Add our Lambert Vegan Leather Shorts to complete the look!
Set the tone this month with confidence, Aquarius! There will be unexpected positives this month so take each day for what it is! Use this month to navigate your feelings and embrace whatever life may throw at you. 
Aquarius, we know you love simple sweet moments. This month, wear our chunky cable knit Harper SweaterLois Pants, and finish your fall fit with our Quinn Cognac Purse to complete the look!
Pisces! Don't run from your problems this month. Face them full front and conquer them. It's easy to avoid challenges that life throws and sometimes those challenges can be scary but on the other side of being scared is something even better than before. 
The look that just keeps giving is this one! No one would look better rocking it than you, pieces! Wear our stand out Skyler Pink Sweater, Brooklyn Jeans, and Landon Black Boots to complete this head turning look.
Aries, it's time to be your own muse this month. Explore what life has to offer and don't take life so seriously all the time. Sometimes it's okay to take that self care day and treat yourself. Be the person you look up too and keep working toward those goals! 
Aries, we know pops of colors are kinda your thing. We've got you covered this  month with the prettiest top, our Uma Green Bodysuit! Layer over our Remington Green Blazer to complete the look! 

This month is all about transformation for you, Taurus. Get out of that rut you might have been in and just get to the nitty gritty of things. If you've been looking for a change or a wake up call, this is it. Start today and the days ahead will become so much better, just in time for the celebration of Halloween with friends and family!

Taurus, we have the perfect October outfit that makes a statement! Our Felicity Shacked and Quinn Quilted Purse make the perfect stand out fit. Trendy, cute and comfortable. What else could you want?   

Gemini, you're going to be iconic this month! Show off you oh so classy style, amazing dance moves, and confident personality this month. You'll learn how to utilize your strengths for the best and understand your weakness. Things are looking up! 
Feeling outfit indecisive? Put on our Too True Bodysuit, layer over our Frankie Top, and complete with our Delaney Skirt to create the most classy, cute, and fashionable look!
Get ready for a wild month! There will be ups and there will be downs but whatever those ups and downs are leading toward will be worth it. Try to enjoy everyday for what it is and appreciate the simple things in life. You will thank yourself later, cancer! 
The fit of our dreams! Cancer, you are in need of our Delaney Skirt and Quinn Purse. They are the perfect stand-out pieces for your autumn wardrobe!
Leo! Guess what? This month is bringing all the good vibes for you. Be patient with yourself and others and good things will come your way. Remember you're the only one in control of your happiness so do what makes YOU happy and don't worry about everyone else!
Treat yourself Leo! This fit is so fierce, just like you! Our Lily Bodysuit, Remington Brown Blazer, and Karl Purse create this amazing cool girl fit that you need! 
Virgo, go big this month! Embody all the change in your life and keep chasing those dreams. With hard work and ambition they will come to you! Don't settle for this less this month and keep your eyes open for positive signs. 
Virgo, we know you have a deep love for neutral classics. Rock this major monochrome look this month wearing out Ginny Shacket paired with our Wilder Leather Pants. It's a vibe.