January Wardrobe
It’s fashion destiny! Are you interested to see what the stars have in mind for you and your outfits this month? If so, keep reading! Needless to say, you’re going to look good this month. We read your horoscope and these looks fall nothing short of stylish, exciting, and fresh! If you're ready to take on the new year full throttle and want to make sure you look good while doing so, then this is the outfit for you. Keep reading to find your next outfit based on your January horoscope.

Capricorn! Take this first month of new year to start doing whatever makes you happy. Reminding yourself that unless you do what makes you feel your best, you aren't going to feel full-filled. This is your time to shine!


Outfit Inspo  
Capricorn, nothing looks better together than a flirty lace piece paired with an oversized blazer and some denim! Use your confidence this month to rock our Daisy Lace Green Bustier and Hailey Blazer!
Set the tone this month with total confidence, Aquarius! Life throws unappreciated curveballs but your reaction to them is what matters most. Don't get stuck on the past or future, try your best to stay in the moment!
Cozy Fit
Aquarius, we know you love to look cute and cozy. This month wear our Fiona Sweater paired with your favorite denim and chunky knit beanie and you'll be set for whatever this month throws at you!
Pisces! Are you ready to rock this month? Focusing on yourself is so important and we know that is something you are always on top of. Sometimes though, finding balance is key. Don't be so hard on yourself, no one is perfect!
Elevated Outfit   
 No one would look better rocking this fit than you, pieces! Wear our Uma Bodysuit and Hailey White Blazer and get ready to rock for a night out on the town, you deserve it!
Aries, take some time this month to look into your relationships. We all know a healthy one when we see it. Make sure you aren't spreading your inner circle too far, not everyone is on your side. Rid of any toxic relationships because that was so 2022!

Graphic Sweater
Aries, be your own muse this month! Our Flower Power Sweater bring us all the good vibes. It's fresh, trendy, and so you!

Good things come to those who work for them! Taurus, we already know you are a hard worker and success doesn't come overnight. Keep bringing the fire and you will get there. This month is all about hard work and manifestation. Believe in yourself and keep working hard, you got this!
 Outfit Inspo

Taurus, we have the perfect January outfit that is stylish and chic. Cream sweaters are an essential staple for anyones wardrobe. Style our Skyler Cream Sweater with your favorite denim and you're set!

Gemini, it's time to turn things up a notch! Take a step out of the funk and get back on track. Find your routine again this month of focus on your goals. We foresee this month being the best step in the right direction!
Outfit Inspo
Feeling outfit indecisive? Put on our Ava Top and layer over our Remington Blazer to create this perfectly sexy, yet classy look! This is how you set the tone for the new year ahead!
We see brightness in your future Cancer, the stars have aligned for you! Focus on what's most important in your life and prioritize those things. Don't get caught on what could be and focus on what is. Things always work out for you in the end!
   Outfit Inspo
The fit of our dreams! Cancer, you are in need of our Daisy Bustier and Remington Blazer. They are the perfect stand-out pieces for your upcoming spring wardrobe!
Leo! Guess what? You're in for a surprise this month, and a good one at that! Keep your eyes open and look for signs and take them seriously, they are leading you to something great. Stay fierce Leo, it's your best trait!
Graphic Sweater Fit
Create your ultimate cool girl fit, Leo, with our Wanda Sweater. These graphic sweaters are a must have for this season. Cute and spunky just like you!
Virgo, have you been wanting to book travel plans this year? Take this as your sign! Life is too short to not take those adventures and thrill you have been craving. Grab your bestie and book those plane tickets, you will not regret it! 
Graphic Sweater Fit
Virgo, we know you have a love for sage green and patterns. Rock our cutesy Maggie Sweater this month to brighten up your wardrobe, it's a whole vibe!
Libra, babe! Being extra is never a bad thing and that is something you need to remember this month! Less is not always more. Listen to your intuition and do what make you feel happy and content. It is your story to write and no one else's. Be that extra girly, because, why not? 
Rhinestone Top Outfit Inspo
    Use your creative style to soak up the much-deserved attention, Libra! Wear our Crescendo Top and layer over our Hailey Blazer to create the most stunning look! 
Scorpio! Make this day, week, month, year all about YOU! You are mysterious and people are draw to you because of it. Take your knowledge and motivation to create the life you always dreamt of living. 
Cute Casual Outfit Inspo
Take all your best traits, Scorpio, and use them to your outfitting advantage! Our On Time Shacket is relaxed and comfortable. Pair this with our Lois Pants and Laguna Boots and your fit will embody all your best traits!
Sag use this month to rid of any toxic energy in your life. Whether that be an ex boyfriend or even ex best friend, we not longer need to entertain negative energy. It's not worth it in the long run. Find people who bring good to your life and live a similar life that you want to live!

Sweater Outfit Inspo  
Sag this fit is everything and more! Show your fashionista side this month wearing our Skyler Sweater and Bella Jeans, the perfect cute yet elevated outfit!