We all know that this is currently back-to-school season for a lot of you, but it is also (almost) the beginning of the Fall season! We are very excited to begin selling super adorable cardigans and light-weight sweaters (imagine those paired with skater skirts!). We are also very intrigued by this season's most anticipated trend that will surely be hitting the hallways at YOUR school: animal printed EVERYTHING! And we are not talking about the old animal trends that your mom wore to her prom. So many of these pieces are brightly colored and the print is bigger and bolder so you can stand out from the crowd. Pair chunky sweaters and knits with leggings or skinny jeans, neutral jewelry and accessories, and you will have a year to remember! 

Make sure to try all of these trends so you can have variety in your wardrobe year-round!


The Denim on Denim Trend..A MUST TRY! Trust us on this one. 

Finish off your look with an amazing and simple hair-do. 

And don't forget your accessories (your new backpack/purse of course!)

You can shop all of our accessories here

Also, check out the rest of our website at shoppriceless.com for all your Fall/back-to-school needs (and wants!) 

Happy Shopping!


Alexandra Petropulos