If you are still wearing skinny jeans, you are out of style. Just kidding. But besides the fact that you're wearing them in the summer heat (most places), we suggest that you throw your pair off to the side (or way back in your closet), and instead throw on some of your boyfriend's (or older brother's!) jeans for a trend so in, you will be oozing fashion down your school hallways! They are ridiculously comfortable, so full of detail (such as distressed and silhouette ones), and you can pair them with almost anything and make you look effortlessly chic! A pair (or three!) are very essential for this upcoming season so you don't have to feel that you can't feel stylish even during the cold. Wear them with super girly tops, amazing heels, and cool accessories!

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Happy Wednesday girlies!

Alexandra Petropulos


Were do you guess get these clothes from They are very pretty.

— Jaylan Henderson