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     Happy National Puppy Day! Oh my goodness, my heart is exploding over the adorable-ness of this day! So in honor of our furry friends, we put together a simple mani instructional to help you show your love for man's (more like WOMAN's) best friend!


  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Clear base/top coat
  • Nail polish in 2-4 colors
  • Nail file
  • Q-tip with one end defluffed
  • Piece of plastic

Step By Step Instructions:

Step 1: Clean, cut, and file your nails.

Step 2: Apply a clear base coat.

Step 3: Apply 2-3 coats of your base color. We chose to use a different color for our ring finger, but you can do them all the same, alternating, or add contrast on a different finger, like your pointer or thumb. You could use your school colors if your mascot is something like a Wildcat or Wolf.

Step 4: Using your paintbrush, apply a semicircle of your contrast color to the tip of your nail.

Step 5: Add a blob of your contrast color to your piece of plastic.

Step 6: Using your de-fluffed Q-tip, dip the stick end into the contrast color, then add the toe prints around your semicircle shape. You'll probably be able to make 3-4. You can keep them perfect circles, or drag the stick a little to create an oblong shape. Don't forget you can use different colors on different nails!

Step 7: Try an alternate color on your ring finger. 

Step 8: Top it off with a clear coat to seal in your artwork and protect from chipping.

    The Final Product:

    Alternate Ideas:

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    — Cecelia Grogan

    So cute ! Especially on National Puppy Day ! I love how you encorparated the paw prints. ?

    — Mikayla

    dogs are my favorite, wish my hands were steady enough go do this ❤️

    — Dasia

    errr merrr gerrrd this would be perfect for spirit week at school!!! We’re the wildcats. And our colors are black and gold!!!! ???

    — Lizzy Bringman

    I have 4 golden retrievers and they are always there to brighten my day! Just like these nails can brighten up any outfit, it’s a super cute idea! I love the step by step instructions and also watching how to do it on your snap chat story! Plus I’m a little obsessed with getting my nails done so thanks for the cute idea!

    — Katelyn

    This is seriously cute /.\ I love the steps,so easy ♡

    — Raquel