Hey girls! Summer is right around the corner, which also means lots of heat, humidity, & long days with no mirrors for a quick touch up. So what’s a girl to do? We’ve got the inside scoop from celebrity makeup artist, Allison Pynn, on 5 key essentials to achieving perfect vacation makeup!  Keep your makeup perfect & in-place during a day full of fun in the sun! Follow the five steps below!

Step one is having a good base to apply your makeup. Applying sunscreen before you apply your foundation doesn't allow the foundation to last or look good on your skin so we have a way to achieve flawless coverage from a foundation. Find a cushion compact that has SPF built in! We’ve linked some of our fave cushion compacts below. Also finding one that is matte will keep you looking cool even on those super hot days!





Step two to flawless vacay makeup is finding a good creme bronzer to give you that natural glow. Sure, you’re out there working on your tan, but you should always shade your face from the sun to prevent skin damage & premature ageing. Having a creme bronzer will not only give you that sweet summer time glow, but it’ll look less cakey than a normal powder bronzer. Take a look at some of our picks!





Creme products are a huge life saver during vacay! They’re quicky & easy to apply & are very long lasting. Now that we’ve got you bronzed up, we need some blush to bring some color back into your look! Creme blush on the apples of your cheeks is a good trick to look refreshed & cute! Don’t know of any creme blushes? We’ve got the ultimate list below!




I’m sure your vacay plans include tons of time by the water, because what's a vacation without some time at the beach? Waterproof mascara is going to be a must, which is why it is Step 4 in our routine! Want to get in the water but worried that you’ll look like the grudge when you come out? Waterproof mascara is the perfect solution. Not only do you not have to worry about your mascara smudging in the water, but waterproof mascara is actually a lot longer-wearing, meaning you won't need to worry about fitting a touch up into your busy day. Need some suggestions? We’ve picked some great options for you!




This final step will pull your whole look together. What’s missing you might ask? A lippie of course! We recommend having a gloss for your vacay. You’ll likely be in the sun all day, so having some moisture on your lips will be key to protecting them! Our NYX Butter Glosses are the perfect lippies to just throw into your beach bag & wear all day! We’ve linked a bunch below so you can pick the perfect shade for your vacay!





TA-DA! We hope you enjoy your 5 tips to achieving perfect vacation makeup and have lots of fun in the sun!

Jacque Stuard