It seems like you can customize anything these days! From your jewelry, to your handbag, to the very shoes on your feet! So why not your jacket too, right? Actually, customizing jackets isn't anything new or ground breaking. Remember how I said in this post that everything old is new again? Well, the saying could not ring more true for varsity jackets! They were spotted on the runway this spring and are going to be a hot commodity this fall. Plus, it's the the perfect way to make your mark when you return back to school after a long, hot summer. So, I put together a DIY featuring this denim jacket, some pins and embroidered patches! I love how sharing your personal style is all about celebrating YOU. What you like, what you don't, and what makes you feel comfortable. Because that's what fashion is truly all about in the end. Letting the world see who you really are on the inside. Feel free to join me in this DIY or grab your closest girl friends and make a party out of customizing your jackets! So much better than Netflix and chill, am I right?


Materials Used:

Embroidered Patches
Patch Attach Glue

Tip: To help the patches appear sewn on, go over the patches a few times with an iron on the front and back of the jacket. Then, press the letters into the denim jacket with your fingers until they feel secure!

(See how I made this necklace in our other DIY video!)

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Good luck!

Alex Petropulos