Tired of your old office outfits? Give your work wardrobe the vacation it deserves with some new & fresh workwear pieces!

It's easy to get stuck in a 9-to-5 fashion rut & feel like your clothes don't represent your personality. These closet staples make getting ready in the morning a breeze & your personal style will shine through! Read on for 16 looks that will have you climbing the corporate ladder in no time!

Ruffled Blouses

Blouses are already an easy office wear pick, but picking one with some ruffle detailing or a fresh pattern adds some spice to your day!

The Perfect Blazer

Don't be afraid to let your outwear be the centerpiece of your outfit! Choosing one with a subtle pattern or even a crisp white blazer puts the pep back in your step!

The Modest Mini Skirt

It can be hard to maintain your femininity in the office while remaining professional & modest. A skirt that comes just above the knee is still classy enough for work but won't make you look older than you are!

Pocket Trousers

I know, work pants can be some of the most boring & unflattering things ever. But they don't have to be! Finding the perfect lengths & fit for you is crucial to looking young yet highly skilled. Plus, who doesn't love having pockets?!

Loose Fitting Blouses

Now that you've got your perfect fit in trousers, match it with a loose & airy blouse for a flattering silhouette. Nothing's better than feeling confident & comfy at work!

A Classic Button Up

You might be bored with all your button up's at this point, but there are SO many ways to wear them & dress them up! You could unbutton it halfway & wear a cami underneath, or roll up your sleeves to give it a more laid-back feel!

Tie-Front Tops

A tie-front detail is just one of the many ways you can add some flair to a basic blouse. It just add's a finishing detail to your look that has you looking ready to take on anything that comes your way!

Cute & Casual

My favorite day in the office is casual Friday! You still want to look like you haven't totally checked out for the weekend, so paper bag shorts or an asymmetrical cut blazer are the perfect pieces for the job!

Piper Shae