Whew, it's really heating up out there! With the beginning of the new month, we want to make sure you have style inspo that is compatible with what you've got going on! Who's ready for beach days, getting your dream tan, & spending time with friends? I know we are! With all the summer fun you're about to have, we're sure you'll be needing a maxi dress or two! Lucky you, we've picked out the maxi dress of your dreams to go with your monthly horoscope! Dying to know what June has in store for you? Read on! ✨

- Piper Shae 💋

This month is a time for reinvention. You're feeling stuck in your space at home, maybe it's time for a change of scenery? Changing up your decorations or moving around your furniture will leave you feeling renewed & fresh! 


Things may be slow for you professionally right now, & you might be having some self doubts. Just be true & honest with yourself & let that be your freedom. This is a time to enjoy your local pleasures & stay close to home. There may be new things for you to try, but they will be there another time as well. Stick to what you know!


You're feeling tons of energy this month, & it's a good time to use it to your benefit! Try getting involved in something new & totally embrace it! Friends will recognize your hard work & thank you for it. This is an exciting time for you, Aries!


Now is the time for new realizations, Taurus. Don't be afraid to speak your mind, you have more people who've got your back than you think! You have new insights that will lead you to the right path, trust them!


Wanting to entertain some friends? Now is definitely a good time to do it! Throw a party or even gather some friends together for dinner, they'll be attracted to your self confidence & want to make more plans for the future!


This month is going to be busy busy for you! People are demanding your attention, no matter what kind of mood you're in. It's okay to be hyperactive & try to get the most of this month! Being with loved ones is sometimes the best self care!


You're wanting to take risks this month, & it's totally a good idea! Create new opportunities for yourself & others & be ready to reap the benefits! Careful to not be reckless with time or money, & you'll be on the right path for some thrills!


Your home & family life is finally coming together. Make sure to not overlook the small details, & everything should fall into place for you, Virgo! Take advice & input from others on how you could improve, & don't take it personally!


It's time to let loose on the reigns for a little bit! You're used to be focused & passionate about one thing & throwing yourself into it. It's okay to be curious this month & try a new hobby or activity! Who knows, you might enjoy it!


Your friends need their friend this month. They look to you for your wise advice & guidance, be there for them this month. Being there for a friend in a time of need will reward you in the future when you're looking for someone to lean on.


There are many things distracting you this month, & looking to your friends will bring you focus & concentration. Be careful when choosing where to be generous, as there is only so much you can do!


You've been passing those green lights, & it's time to rest & relax. Indulge in something that makes you happy this month! Rather, make a conscious effort to do that everyday. Taking good care of yourself will have you feeling renewed & energized! 

Piper Shae