Remember when mixing colors like black and brown was a major fashion faux pas? Well, I'm happy to say that's no longer the case because they look trés boho chic together! After all, nothing pairs better with a neutral like another neutral! However, if you're still hesitant to let go of the age-old rule, try easing into it with touches of brown or tan in your accessories, such as a floppy hat, bag and heels. And don't think that all of your brown accessories have to be the exact same shade either! As long as they're in the same color family, like tan, taupe, or dark brown, you're sure to look fabulous! Or to make it simple, add in accessories that have black and brown mixed together already, like black leather booties with brown wooden heels or a leopard print scarf! To make your outfit look luxe, implement touches of gold in your jewelry, or use a bag with gold hardware! If you're not afraid to experiment, opt for a pop of color with a swipe of lipstick that compliments your accessories, and people will start asking you for fashion advice! Bonus: Black and brown create the best palette for music festivals à la Coachella!

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What color combo no-no should we debunk next? We're thinking it's time to take down navy and black! 

Justine Searle