Remember how I talked about mixing black and brown together in this post? If not, go read it again because it ties in with today's post perfectly! I'm almost positive that the saying, "Rules were meant to be broken," was made in reference to fashion. I mean, stating black and blue shouldn't go together is positively absurd! I find mixing black and blue to be a no brainer, especially when you stick to a monochromatic look like I did! I went with all black everything, well, except for the pumps of course! And let me just say, I'm obsessed with the cobalt blue shade! Side note: They're the most comfortable things ever, which is a huge bonus! Then, I made sure to keep my add ons, like my sunglasses, bracelets and the hardware on my bag, all silver for a fluid flow. My fashion takeaway, breaking the rules gives you a serious swag!

Not from L.A., but we can just pretend! :)

Beanie | Sunglasses | Top | Purse | Bracelet (& here) | Jeans | Pumps


Are you a fan of black and blue? What are your favorite fashion rules to break? Let us know in the comments below!

Justine Searle